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Monday, March 01, 2010

march march thou dost disappoint

I have been longing for March. I kept saying to myself it's almost March, spring is coming, hang on, hang on. This morning I actually woke up excited. I threw open the blinds and saw the sun shining. Yeah! March is here however although spring IS closer, and the sun IS's still cold as we sadly discovered when we headed out to the bus stop.
I had pictured a Topazesqe celebration (modified to include clothing) but instead I will wait for April. almost April.

In other news Beloved made it to Ohio safely. We talked on and off during the drive and then he called and woke me up near midnight needing company for the last hour so we chatted some more. This morning I was tired but that's okay.

Surgery is this afternoon. Hopefully it will go well.

Papa, my dad, had heart problems almost 10 years ago. He had bypass surgery and is doing well. Both he and Abba are fit and the right weight and that worked to his advantage then and I am sure it will to Abba's today.

Before school this morning I gathered the children and we called Beloved on speaker phone and knelt in prayer in Abba's behalf. The kids love him a lot and will be thinking of him all day.


Nicole said...

We'll be praying for his safe surgery and quick recovery!

allison nadauld said...

It's hard coming from Texas I bet. Warm spring doesn't really hit us until April/May. Good luck to your Abba.

Yvonne said...

Even though it's still cold, I'm so glad it is March. Enjoy the sunshine.

You are a great wife.

Having family prayer "together" is always so comforting.

Prayers for your abba.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for update. I'm praying as well!