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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

heigh ho, heigh's off to work we go

We have been cleaning. And painting, and throwing stuff away and wiping and scrapping and vacuuming and dusting and trying to get everything to say "buy me". There is pretty much nothing fun about moving.

let's see: good things about moving

Great job opportunity for Beloved
Closer to Nana and Abba
an interesting part of the country to see

not so good:
it's expensive
lots of work
we have to try and sell our house
lots of work
we have to try and find something to buy that is affordable
lots of work
we like it here
we will miss our pool
lots of work
we will miss our friends
we know where everything is and where to go and do and be and eat
it's even farther from stinkin Utah
lots of work

but most of all we'll miss our friends. It takes a long time to make old friends and we have great ones here. Friends we can call and say "hey come over and look over our stuff and tell us what looks like a cluttery mess" and they come, and we complain that whole time they tell us...but they still like us and we still like them. Friends we can call and say "hey can H (or E or G or whoever) come over and play, they are lonely and we are busy cleaning" and they are happy to have them. I will miss our good friends.

BTW, I am not sad we're moving, just tired of the decluttering and stress and worry about the move.

Everyone has been working hard, which is nice. The only thing that's not working is our desk top which sadly bit the dust :(

Sunday, December 28, 2008

why I should always have my camera with me

Right after church we headed over to feed Renaldo. We're half way there already at that point and it seemed like a good idea, and I knew J's goat boots were in the back of the car.

So we pulled up and she lifted the back door, plopped down and removed her heels and slipped into her tall,rubber, black waders and headed into the barn. I was pulled up far enough so that from the warmth of my suburban I could still see in and could watch Renaldo attack her for food greet her with his customary jumping up and placing two little hoofs on her shoulders she knocked him down and from the car I could see her mouth form the words "stoopid goat" gently greeted him in return, while removing said cute little hoofs from her carefully coiffed curls. After giving him and Lily, his very polite and shy pen mate, food and water, she got out the leash and began "to train" him to walk on it, in preparation for the show. He was not very cooperative however S and I had a fabulous laugh watching!!

Then S's friend Emily pulled up in her church clothes to feed her goat and S jumped out of the car and they greeted each other in the customary high pitched squeal and hug of teenage girls (startling all the goats out of their Sunday afternoon stupor) Emily's goat began bleating (side not: it is amazing how smart these animals are, I think they learn the sound of their people's cars because they always bleat away when theirs drive up and their people walk in, while the other goats look up but don't really put any energy into calling out)

Then I watched three pearl clad, dress wearing, goat girls haul food in to their babies. I wish wish wish I had my camera. Maybe next Sunday :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

a tale of two movies

Much of this Christmas holiday is being spent on "getting the house ready". Not so fun, but has to be done. We are smattering some fun here and there. Christmas itself was a delight. So far, between de cluttering, and painting and boxing stuff up and hanging new blinds and new windows (to replace the three brother has broken) we have also been to the movies twice.
We had planned to go on Christmas day. As the actual day unfolded we found that we were having too much fun to pack up and head out. Sometime between a slice of ham and a bite of jell-o it was decided that Beloved would stay home that night with Lucy and Brother and the bigger girls and I would go to a later show. We saw Marley and Me. (side note: when we got home, at almost 10, B2 were up to their eyeballs in a light saber duel that was both fierce and long) It was a good movie, I was very glad we didn't take the younger two because it was SO sad, and really not just the story of a dog, but the story of a marriage and a family. I liked it a lot. I cried. We came home and hugged Millie, our own clearance dog (we got her for a mere $100 because she had ringworm on her head) Our friend Warren always laughed at us because our bargain $100 dog ended up costing $3000 in a fence to put around the yard, $1000 to man's best friend (where she did graduate) and countless dollars in chewed up beds, couch cushion, back door, stairwell, toys, shoes and various and sundry items. I had to laugh at the scene where Marley takes the diaper from the table remembering the summer V was here and Lu pooped in her high chair. While we were cleaning the mess off her in the tub Millie took care of the chair, which caused MSV to do the throw up dance and run outside screaming in grossness!! LOL
The next day after our designated chores we took the three littles to see "Bedtime Stories", which I also enjoyed. Going to the movies with them is not a relaxing experience however. I made Lu promise to be good (she has only just started to go to movies with us) and she solemnly swore. We sat down and I got popcorn (our secret weapon to keep kids quiet and still ) and passed it out. Brother took his spot on Beloved's lap and everyone was settled into their seats. That lasted 5 minutes. Lu hopped up for a refill of her cup, and a sip of soda and to smash the seat in front of her. Then she was good. For another 5. Repeat, again and again. H had the sniffles and kicked the seat in front of her several times and slllurrrrpppped loudly until I told her she couldn't drink. Then she had to pee. Meanwhile yoyo was up and down up and down. I finally put her on my lap, where her legs could just reach the seat in front of me and she could tap tap tap it with her toes. Then she sat sideways and "whispered in my ear" then spilled soda down my shirt and hers. Then crunched the ice and wrapped her icy fingers around my neck. She was having a lovely time and wanted to let me know. "MOM, THIS IS FUNNY", "MOMMMMM I WUW YOU!!!" she whispered. Right.
Finally the movie was over, and it was funny, and we walked outside bounced out the door where Lu said "Mom I was so good, right mom?" Yep I answered and she totally missed the sarcasm and said "I learned to be good at the movies, that's happy huh mom?!?!! and was so bouncy and delighted with herself that I had to say yes.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Buche de Noel

In honor of my parents first Belgian Christmas we decided to make a Buche de Noel for dessert. I looked up a recipe on line (where else?) and it was fun to make, and super tasty!! Next year I'll get marzipan and make cuter decorations and I think I would make a different frosting than filling but it was still good.

For the Grandma's who couldn't be with us this year:

Christmas morning dawned bright and early for us this year. Brother came hopping into our room at 4:45ish ready to open presents. I pulled him in under the covers and thankfully he slept a little longer. Finally they couldn't wait any longer and the festivities began. After stockings and waking up the teens we gathered around the tree and began opening.
The littles were so cute. They each had made gifts for me and wanted those opened first. Lucy made cute ornaments out of applesauce and glue and cinnamon (she told me) and a darling dish towel with her hand and feet prints on it. Brother also made an ornament and H made covered coat hangers. They were very excited to give them :)

Then they were VERY excited to open theirs. Santa brought this cool train that has really smoke coming out of it. (see how it's dark out of the window, not sunrise yet, technically not even morning)

Brother's favs of the year were his make it your self light saber kit, his star wars unleashed for the Wii and the train.

Christmas baby got a lap top. She was so cute and surprised. J had gotten a new nice jewelry box for her birthday , and a few gifts before this I had opened a new jewelry box so when a square package came her way she said "here comes my jewelry box" Then she got the wrapping off and realized it wasn't...but what was it??? "Oh my heck, what it is!!" were her exact words. The perfect gift for a girl getting ready to go to college in the fall!!

We had good time opening gifts and then playing with them all day. Besides Lu's babies she loved her Dora colorforms best. They were a hit. H got lots of craft kits and kept busy trying some and planning on the others.

J got a Sims game and had to take turns with Brother on the Wii. Also clothes and books and GCs.
We were all spoiled.

H in her new pink sparring gear.
Tonight H, S, J and I went to see Marley and Me. It was good and so sad. I cried and we came home and hugged Millie.

We got to talk with everyone in the family on the phone, so fun! and spent the day relaxing enjoying each other company and playing with our new toys. Does it get any better?

18 years old!!!

little mama

Lucy got two babies and baby stuff, just like she wanted. She was thrilled and has been "taking care of her babies" all day :) One is named Oriah and the other Baby Alive.

Monday, December 22, 2008

more ice


We spent the day working on the house and finishing Christmas shopping it was a busy day. S and J did manage to find some time to go bowling, but in general we spent the day checking things off our to do list. Tonight as a reward, and as a special FHE, and as a gift from Grandma and Papa (this is what we spent our Christmas money on~ thanks! ) we decided to go to ICE and then out to dinner.
It was neat. The sculptures were awesome and larger than life. That part was really neat. It was freezing 9 degrees, but with the big parkas it wasn't too bad. Our lips did get chapped from the cold.
It was also SOOO crowded. I felt like a huge penguin in a huge mass of penguins trying to waddle through the frozen landscape. It was literally a sea of blue, and a pressing mass of humanity where ever we went. I had to grab ahold of Lu's jacket and she kept twisting away and complaining.
J went last week and said it was nothing like that.
So: neat, glad I went, stressful, and way too many people.

On the way home we stopped at Kincaids for burgers, and I have to say, after 10 years of hearing how they are the best burgers around I finally tried one and I was not disappointed. They were most delicious.
It is cold, not as cold as Utah I know, but still really cold. The last two days we've had to break the ice up off the top of poor Renaldo's water bucket. Now that is cold.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


All these pictures were taken by my friend Joy, not her real name, but her blogger one, however it fits her so well so even now when her secret identity is no longer secret I love to call her that. She is full of joy, and she brings so much joy to her friends and family and to me. Thank you.

Last night we went caroling with the missionaries and several other families. It was a really cold, but fun time. We almost didn't make it. About an hour before we were supposed to go I was taking J to a party and she was driving, well she drove, rather quickly, into S's car. Ripped the front end off and sent it scooting three feet down the driveway. Not a happy start to the evening. She went running in to tell S "sorry, sorry sorry!!!". S was, understandably, not happy. So there was a while of commotion and sadness. Finally S, who was going to come with us, didn't; and J who was not going to did and we got out the door about 10 minutes late. However our friends graciously waited and we were underway.
Once we got started we realized it was super cold. Lucy told me her hands were cold. Before we left the house I asked her if she wanted her mittens, which she did not. Now she was looking longingly at mine. I asked her if she wanted my gloves. She shyly said yes, but won't your hands be cold momma? I told her they wouldn't and she happily stuck them on and trudge along with us the whole night with not a single complaint.

We went up and down two streets, knocked on doors, sang some songs. The Elders left a short message with anyone who was interested and they placed 5 Books of Mormon (Book of Mormon's?) There was a sweet spirit and lots of giggling and stamping of cold feet.

After we stopped at Joy's for hot chocolate and popcorn and a few minutes of visiting that warmed our bellies and our hearts.


Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ward Social

Last night was our ward social. It was the best one I've been to in a long time, we had a very nice, very relaxing time. I loved not being in charge of it, but more than that Holly had it well planned and everything went so wonderfully.
They had a program first with several musical numbers. All of which I loved. Poor Steve, the sound kept cutting out on him but even still he did a great job and I think everyone enjoyed it. Beloved played the trumpet and Tori and Emma and Holly sang, they were awesome :) Mariah and Denise sang a duet which was so pretty, I enjoyed the whole program.

After that was dinner: ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, salad and desserts. YUMMM!

Then we did some group caroling, the Bishop read a story and then SURPRISE the big guy came!

Lu got in line twice to talk to Santa. :)

E and C had a great time hanging out. Somewhere along the way the kids started a spontaneous Christmas conga line! Oh, they also had a fun carolling game, which our table almost won!, but the Steers had 2 more solved than we did.
I think everyone enjoyed themselves and had a fun time visiting with friends and sharing in the festivities.


already blogged extensively about this last year. Here we are under the tree. Nana and Abba and Uncle Brian and Dani and Greg all came and we had a full house and lots of fun. Poor Nana got sick, but other than that it was just fun fun fun :)

Friday, December 19, 2008


What a crazy year this was. Dani and Greg got married in the beginning of December so we drove to Utah for the wedding and were there about a week and a half. S had to fly since she could not miss that much school.

After we got home we had about a week to get ready for Christmas and head up to Ohio. We did A LOT of driving that year!

top picture: Beloved, Brother and Great Grandpa Thacker

Opening presents in our jammies!
Christmas Eve the Butterfields (who were now living in OH) came over and we went to church, went to the park, had dinner together and in the evening reenacted the nativity.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brother's play

Yesterday was the first grade Gingerbread play.
Just a tiny clip :)


Christmas 05. Lucy's first!!

Anna and Amadeo came to spend the holidays with us. Also Papa and Grandma were here and Em. Andrea and Dani had just moved to Utah but were able to fly home so we had a full fun house!

Christmas day the Butterfields came over and we had dinner together and hung out.
I love this picture of Lu and H. It was at H's school play and they were soooo sweet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


H was in Kindergarten and they had their Christmas party at the park. It was lots of fun!

This was the year that S and J went to CA to spend the holiday with Mark&Bea so it was kind of quieter for us. We had a mini day with them before they left and then on the big day opened gifts. We went to the movies on Christmas afternoon, which was really fun. I think we saw the Incredibles.

where we invite people to bring us cookies!

The girls and I had a mother/daughter cookie exchange. It was super fun. H invited all the activity day girls and their moms.

We played several games, then ate tons of cookies! After that the girls ran upstairs where they sounded like a very large herd of elephants running back and forth punctuated by the occasional crash (which they said was "nothing") and the mom's visited. It was a nice evening.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas at the O'kay Corral

H was Santa in the 4th grade Christmas play!

2003 cont

This was the year we had good Christmas lights. I think it's because we had Nana and Abba and Jess and UB come!


Big sister Dani had to sit on Santa's lap with little brother. He still didn't like it. Or maybe he didn't like the cute Christmasy outfit I dressed him in :)

Reading books under the tree.

Millie's first Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

sweet Santa secrets

15 years ago today (the date was on the black board~ that alone dates us huh :) ) Dani had her class party and a visit from the big guy!! What was she telling him?? I guess I'll never know. I hope her wish came true.

why my life as a mother is like a fairy tale.

The children's new beds are either too hard or too soft, but my crowded old bed is just right.

The kids will eat neon green froot leather but act like I am serving them poison if I give them a fresh apple.

When I come home in the evening I am greeted by a house full of little people, one of them grumpy, one sleepy, one...

saw this, or something darn close to it, in the doctor's office today. I hurt my shoulder on Friday, I don't know how, and it still REALLY hurts today. So I went to see my doctor who thinks it's a pulled muscle and prescribed a muscle relaxant and vicodan. I guess I'll sleep well tonight.

Hopefully it will help. Today Lu was supposed to have a gingerbread decorating party and I had to cancel it, very sadly. I do not have time to have something hurt.


Another snowy Ohio Christmas. Nana and Abba keep telling us it doesn't really snow there at Christmas but when we've been there it has. I guess we are good luck :) H was very intently telling Grandma B something, while Grandma lovingly held H's new twin dollies.

S never wants me to take her picture.

The whole gang Christmas morning with Abba, Nana, & Uncle Brian.
This was the Christmas that Beloved got a horrible, horrible flu. Then we came home and the rest of us all had it. S was so sick she fainted in the bathroom. We were all sick at the same time, except some how little brother got spared. It was awful awful awful. Ugh!

Christmas was wonderful but what I remember most is the throw up fest that followed.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday J!!!!

Today J is 16! We brought cupcakes to sunday school to celebrate. She also got to pick what to have for dinner. She chose pirog, spinach salad and eclairs. Yummy!!