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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

until you look too close

it looks cute but,

Poor Tate,
Her momma was making her such a cute Halloween dress and left it here so Mimi finished it...but I didn't use the pattern so much..and you can tell :(

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's been rainy. It's been lovely, the weather is cooler:)
Yesterday Lu had Alva over to play and they went out under her princess umbrella.

Today I took Sierra to the airport. She's off to welcome Zach home from his mission. We almost didn't make it to the airport on time but whew! made it.

After I took the chance to go to the temple. It was very beautiful there and I was happy I went.

Spirit Week

This weekend is homecoming, and this week is spirit week. Each day has a different theme. Today was 80's day. Super cute

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Jenna and I like to read the same books. It's really fun to talk about them and the characters and lessons learned. I love interpreting literature for my kids, and hearing their ideas as well.

So this was our last weekish:
I got the Hunger Games, it was our book club book and I wanted to read it even though I didn't go to book club, nor do I ever really go so that might beg the question "am I really in a book club?" but I digress

J saw it and said, Oh I want to read that. So I started and quickly finished. She took it and read it. We both liked it and hated it and wondered what happened next.

The next day I was looking at Hannah's scholastic book order and there was "Catching Fire". I immediately ordered it and for the next three days when H walked in the door from school J and I both said "DID YOU GET YOUR BOOK ORDER?!"

Finally it came. I am home first so I grabbed it and hid it. J came home and wanted it and began the search. We had two book marks and each had to search the book out of the others room every time we wanted to read. Finally I got done and moved on to "Mockingjay" (that Hannah thoughtfully borrowed from her English teacher. ) Then J finished, and I had to start hiding Mockingjay.

Last night she took it when I went to Women's Conference.
When I got home at 11pm I went to her room and got it, she reluctantly relinquished it but since she had friends over she wasn't really reading anyway.
I got strict instruction to finish that night.

So I read until 1am.

Which I would have done anyway because I had to find out what happened.

Then I took the book to J and now she is buried in it.

Poor poor Gale, and Katniss and Peeta and what a sad story.

I found it riveting and a page turner. Also a good commentary on love and society's values and humanity. We've had some good chats over the week.

Friday, September 24, 2010

St Mary's County Fair

We had the day off from school today. It's the fair! A holiday for all and a lot of fun. We got up on time this morning so we could be there bright and early. Regrettably my camera only had enough batteries for one picture. We had a great time though. We meet Colleen and her kids and then happened to get there at the same time as the Lyons as well. We all walked around together looking at the displays and waiting for the rides to open. The displays are actually my favorite part. They had beautifully decorated cakes, cute collections, art of all kinds, animals and food ( to look at like jams and preserves and what not) and all things fairish.

Also delicious fair food. We had funnel cakes and soda. There was lots more to choose from.

The kids love the rides. It was a one coupon per ride day so they got to ride lots. I rode on the Sea Serpent with the kids. They were scared and buried into me. E thought he'd lose his lunch. I laughed the whole time. They liked the house of mirrors, the dragon coaster and the bouncy houses much more!

We saw tons of friends and neighbors, which was so fun.

When I blog I always picture myself someday an old woman, sitting in a nursing home and with me are my volumes of printed blog. I will read and remember. I think these are things I will never forget, but I know I will. I have proof. When I had my babies, each of them, I always thought I would never forget..and I haven't, not entirely, but I have forgotten a lot. When I hold someone else's baby now and feel their sweet lightness, and smell that impossibly delicious smell of newborn baby, and they nuzzle my neck and wiggle and stretch like only a brand new baby does I realize that I have forgotten. And it makes me a little sad.

So do I write about how hot it was, how sweat gathered around the corners of Ethan's hairline and we all wanted to drink tons of water? Do I mention the dusty layer of dirt that covered our feet and clothes? Do I write down that Jeffrey and Lucy each grabbed my hand as we walked along looking at the cows, and they stunk (the kids and the cows) but I was glad. Should I say that E and Eric and Jacob had a balloon war with their "Vote for ____" balloons and that Ethan's popped first so he lost, but then Lu gave him hers so he could keep in the battle. What will I forget if I don't write it down? What will I care to remember?

When we were done I brought the boys home with me and they built a knex ferris wheel. It was brilliant.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

rain gutter regatta

Last night was the rain gutter regatta! It was a lot of fun. Little b's boat did well :)

note to self: never say out loud that you had the "perfect day"it just tempts the fates :) , and the next one won't be. Just sayin'

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cue: Mayberry theme song

I had the loveliest day yesterday. It has been my life long dream to sleep as long as I want. Yesterday I got up at 5:40, the usual time, got H going then the other kids. When it was time for the bus J was here playing the piano so I asked her to walk the two little ones down to the bus stop and I raced up the stairs and into bed. When you have already been awake for 2 1/2 hours is it sleeping in or a nap? I can sleep until 2:30 if I want, I thought to myself. Turns out that the whole sleep all day plan didn't pan out, but I could have if I wanted, and maybe that's the most important part. So I got up and made beds, started laundry, cleaned the kitchen then headed out for my errands. I called up Big and asked if he wanted to meet for lunch. He did, and it was lovely.
When I got home I watched TV with the big girls (Si, J and Han) and then went to get the littles at the bus. E got invited to play at John's house so Lu and I walked home discussing her family project homework. When we got home we got out scissors and glue and pictures and magazines and worked on her book pages. Her class is making an "At Home" book with pages made by each child. It was fun looking for things she loved, we found animals, cupcakes, books, littlest pet shop pictures, Mickey, Jesus, and we had family pictures. Her pages turned out pretty cute. When we were done she wanted to go to the library so we gathered up books and hopped in the car. On the way out I passed roller blades, a tennis racket, a soccer ball and a scooter on our porch and I thought "oh what fun the kids have with these things", instead of "Arh, why don't the kids put their stuff away?" We drove towards the mailboxes and saw a bunch of boys playing baseball, then turned down the street and there was Hannah sitting on a rocking chair on Sidney's porch with Sidney, Chloe, & Sarah and they were doing homework. I stopped the car, rolled down the window and told her where I was going, and did she want to come? She didn't so we waved and went to John's to collect E. The three of us went to the library, always lovely.
When we got home E had to work on his boat for the rain gutter regatta and Lu painted rocks. H played soccer in the yard with Matthew from next door.
When it got dark we came inside, ate, cleaned up and got ready for bed. The whole day I just thought how lucky I was. What a nice neighborhood we live in, how deliciously wonderful it is to have the day to myself, how cute Big looked walking in the restaurant to meet me, how delightful the children are. I just really appreciated it. I know it won't last but what a lovely perfect day. Like a little gift in the middle of hectic life :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lil chef

H loves to cook. She's been wanting chicken pillows and apple pie for awhile now so I told her if she wanted to make them we could have them.

She wanted to.

She made them.
We ate them.
Everyone was happy.

Monday, September 20, 2010

5 things I love about living with a 5 year old

Lucy is so fun. It would be easy to make a list 100 items long of things I love. But I am limiting myself to just 5. Number one, gathering around the island for an afternoon snack. Friends are always welcome and she's always bringing them home. (this is Ryder from down the street)
She's built a little reading nest. It's on the bridge to no where, actually one of my favorite spots in the house. From there you have the perfect vantage point, you can see anyone coming in or out, up or down. You can hear what grown ups are talking about downstairs, and it's cozy and small. It reminds me of my own childhood and the summers and holidays we spent at Baba Olya's house. The adults always sat around the table talking talking talking. The kids would be sent to bed, but often we would sneak out and lay on the landing listening. I loved falling asleep to the sounds of chatter and laughter downstairs.

She has a little herd of elephants. They are so cute. Do you see the Queen? She gets to wear a crown :)

Another little herd gathering at the watering hole (my bathroom sink). Littlest pet shop animals are adorable.
Last on today's list: every morning she wakes up at 6 and we read together after Hannah leaves for the bus. It's quiet and we snuggle on the couch for our own little time.
edited for Anna,
A few more
  • she wears goggles in the shower to keep the shampoo out of her eyes
  • she loves animals and every morning picks up this mangy cat by the bus stop and slings it over her shoulder and walks around with it like a mink stoll
  • when she gets on the bus she gives me a wave good-bye with the "I love you" sign
  • she can scooter around really fast
  • she is fearless
  • she dives off the diving board
  • and does cannonballs
  • she says oatmeal "oit-meal" and it's so cute
  • she loves bologna sandwiches
  • she loves to help bake and cook
  • she sorts socks and folds towels
  • when Tatum would cry she would spontaneous break out in song, always singing "all kinds of animals", conditioned like one of Pavlovs dogs
  • she loves to scan her own books at the library
  • she loves to play playhouse Disney
  • she's a fast runner
  • a fun photographer
  • a jokester
  • she wants to be the first person in the family to play lacrosse
  • she wants to go to Disney (and so do I!)
  • she picks stuff out of the garden with delight
  • last night she sat still for scriptures on her dads lap
  • when it's time to kneel for prayer she does a running dive and lands on her knees with a thud that makes her laugh and us grimace every time
  • she loves to paint
  • she's "lergic to shrimp" and is glad because she thinks they are disgusting
  • she is tyring to be the first kid in the school to earn a golden apple
  • she loves to earn pebbles for being obedient
  • she loves the ferris wheel
  • she agreed to be a jelly fish for Halloween and I am excited to make the costume
  • she has cute little buns and runs around nak*d, which we discourage but secretly think is cute
  • when she said the prayer this morning she asked for Sierra to feel better, and more days off of school so E could sleep in (she's very thoughtful)
  • when we read the manatee book she uses a cute little accent and says I am a manatee from my face down to my fan-a-tee and wiggles her buns and cups her cheeks in a most amusing way
  • she is sassy and spirited
  • she smells good and cuddles
  • she loves umbrellas and gloves and hats
  • she is a fish in the water and a monkey on the playground
  • she wants to be like the big girls and copies all they do, including getting a pink stripe in her hair this summer and parading around in heels

Sunday, September 19, 2010

welcome welcome Sabbath morning

H helped everyone get dressed today. She got E's suit coat out of his closet, it's too big but they rolled the sleeves and he looked so handsome I decided not to mention it. Plus they were very pleased with themselves for putting him together nicely :) It turned out to be a fortunate thing because John Beasley, a rock star in the flight test world, was in our ward today and Big & little B went up to him to say hi. Pres. Beasley shook little's hand and talked planes with him , then he took the JSF tie tack off his own jacket and pinned it on the little man. This was one excited boy!

Church was good today.

Yesterday I went to help at a wedding in our ward. It was very lovely, on the water, lots of beautiful twinkle lights, coastal decor, delicious food, lots of friends. I got home and decided I need to change my name. I am not Txmommy any more. I love love love TX and all the friends we left behind but we are here now and this is our life so I updated. I don't feel like MdMommy so just Lana will do.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

soccer season

so the season is upon us. We've had three games and the "freedom fighters" are undefeated! It's a lot of fun to watch them play.

E is the youngest and smallest on the team and his skills are still developing. We are used to him being one of the best players so this is a different season for us but I think he's learning a lot and he loves it. Big B is an assistant coach.
Today the weather was perfect for watching and playing soccer!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I hate Utah

it is so stinkin far away!

We miss this pumpkin, and her momma. H has a stomach ache, E says there is no one to play with, Lucy complains every second. Adjusting to life with them not here is not easy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Momma and Baby

saying good bye

playing at the park one last time. The weather was perfect.


last day

Yesterday was our last day with Dani and Tate. Everyone is sad to see them go. E taught her how to play ball with him. He calls her "Tate the Great" and told me she's the cutest baby he's ever seen.
We went to our little ice cream shop down town. Tate has a little spoon and she goes from person to person taking bites of delicious, cold, creamy, ice cream :) She likes it!

We spent a little time on the square enjoying the outside. Meeting new friends.

After FHE we had watermelon. Tate loves watermelon.
It was a really good summer. I am happy to have had this time with Dani and with Tate.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

she's an animal person

Lu loves animals. She's like the frog whisperer. Here she is with a baby tree frog, in the rain, playing :)

Weekend was good. Friday night Dani and Jenna went to the football game. J's school lost, by a lot. But they had fun. They also went to dinner and got lost :) I played with Tate. She didn't get lost but did take her first bubble bath!

Yesterday we went to E's soccer game. It was quite an exciting game. We won 3-0, there was a lot of action. This is the first season he has played where off sides is called with any seriousness. Also players getting red cards. And those boys are good.

Last night we chaperoned a dance. And drove a car load of kids. It was a lot of fun. Mostly we just visited with other chaperones :) and watched the kids dance.

Also Ohio state played, and won. Always a good weekend around here.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What did this little monkey do today?

She slept in late! a miracle!!
She went for a long long walk with Mimi and Momma downtown.
She ate chocolate ice cream and got it all over.
She put pony and raccoon in the car seat and covered them up. Then un-covered them. Then covered them. Then crawled in with them. Then crawled out.
She read some stories.
She put clothes on the wooden dolls and clips in her hair.
She played on the hammock with Uncle E.
She ate some lasagna.
She put E in the pantry and closed the door. Then signed "where is he?" with a surprised face. Then found him! Then closed the door. Then signed.....
She ripped a book :( and said uh oh.
She took a bath.
She danced.

Virtue Night

In May, on a personal progress night, we began working on the Virtue Value. We did all the experiences together and then set a goal to finish the project by the end of summer. The project is to read the Book of Mormon. We determined that 5 pages a day would do the trick.

The girls read all summer. Some made it to the end, some are still working on it. Everyone did a great job!
Last night we got together at our house and had a fancy Italian dinner and then gathered in the living room to share our feelings and experiences. It was a special night. I feel so blessed to work with these wonderful young women.
We had a chocolate fountain to end the evening, then the girls hung out and visited.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

a relaxing Sabbath

Hanging out on the hammock

Feeding the missionaries
Eating scrumptious sweet potatoes in orange cups
Watching Dr. Zhivago with the fam in our jams
It was a good day :)

reverence incentive

We have had a bunch of wiggle worm whisperers at Sacrament meeting lately and Big B and I were getting frustrated. Then I remembered my wise friend Robin, and a great incentive program she used with her kids.
A couple weeks ago at FHE we talked about reverence and then I introduced the idea. Each Sunday, right after church we would go home and have ice cream and toppings. If during the meeting we hold up one finger to settle a child down they will not get toppings. Two fingers means no ice cream.
We have been doing it for 2 weeks and it's gone great! Two weeks of reverent children and parents who can listen to the talks!

KB and yummy things to eat

We had some friends over for Killer Bunnies last night. Everyone brought delicious food to eat and we had a little pack of cute babies running around :) It was a fun night!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

our own little wild thing

The night Tatum wore her zebra suit
and made merryment of one kind,
and another,
her Mimi said I'll eat you up I love you so!
And she danced in and out of the kitchen, and over the living room floor
until she reached the land where everyone clapped and cheered
and she was queen of all the wild things!

trail to wolf

we've been working our way to wolf. Little b is almost done, he has 4 more things to do and he'll be ready. The bottle neck is "do your chores for 30 days". We also need to visit a fire
station, build something useful and organize his collection.

Today he is cooking an outdoor meal with his dad. They are making grilled sweet potatoes with honey and spices and hot dogs.
When he gets his wolf he'll also get a gold arrow point and a silver. He's an enthusiastic little scout!

poor baby

My poor christmas baby hasn't been feeling well for many days. She has had horrible stabbing stomach pain. Finally after a few days we forced her to the E.R. Turns out she has several ovarian cysts. One as big as a golf ball. They gave her some vicodan and we have to see the "woman doctor" next week. In the meantime she is miserable and we are trying our best to comfort her.
I hate when the kids are sick.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

dear millie

Dear Millie,

You are a good dog, and I like you. I like the shape of your head. I like that you are so gentle with children. I like that people think you are scary when they come to our door, although really you are the gentlest dog ever. I think it's funny when you sleep on your back with your paws crossed over your nose, and I love that you keep the floors and Tatum clean with your licking.
However, I do not like it when you run away into the woods and come back with ticks. I especially did not like it this morning when you ran away, found a pile of poop and animal entrails and came back with them all over your head and stuck to your fur and collar. I did not like taking you into the shower to clean you off, nor did I enjoy you shaking water all over me when we were done.

Don't do that again.

I mean it.
and, don't lay on my favorite chair. Dogs do not belong on the furniture. Got it?


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Birthday celebrated

We celebrated Dani's birthday yesterday with a lunch out at Red Robin. Poor Tate had a fever and wasn't too happy.
We had a yummy lunch and milkshakes.

a smile from the sicky