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Sunday, March 21, 2010

PRP- not a hoax

at our house we frequently participate in a pet relocation program (PRP). Many a gerbil, hamster, fish, turtle, frog, snake, salamander, lizard and bird have been released into it's natural habitat after spending a period of time as pets in our home. And once we found a new home for a cat, Ivan (who peed every where) and a puppy, Jack, and little chihuahua named Lola.

Now it is time for Tommy the guinea pig to find a new home. I told Brother I thought he needed to be set free in the woods behind our house to roam free with the other wild guinea pigs. But before we do that I am offering him up to anyone who wants to drive to my house and pick him up, with his cage and bag of food and take him home. He is a good little piggie. He is quiet and calm. We love to feed him fruit and watch him dig in with gusto. Sadly I am tired of cleaning his cage, and I am the only one to do it. I am also tired of reminding the kids to feed and water him and Lucy, who loved him most and LOVED to play with him, turns out to have an allergy to off he needs to go.

Any takers?


I have a good life said...

I can't drive to your house and pick him up. :( But, I wouldn't anyway....I would just love to be close enough to your house to drive there!!! :)

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I am a "non-rodent" momma. I did refuse to get another dog while I was still dealing with diapers- and so when we did get Miss Sophie, the kids we old enough to help out. The boys have to deal with her outside "chores" and this girls have to feed and water her. If they forget, she reminds them by bringing them her bowl and dropping it on their feet- it is too funny.

I am with you on the whole- this is not my pet and I have enough to be responsible for- deal-

Can you give it back to a pet shop so it can find a home?

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

wow- guess I needed to proof read that before I posted- oh well- please edit in your mind. Thank You.