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Sunday, April 29, 2007

my boys

Today is a fifth Sunday so we had a combined priesthood/relief society meeting. The Bishopric all spoke and they carried on with the theme of Sacrament meeting. It was all about paying attention to the basics. Personal prayer, family prayer, scripture study.
It was really good. I enjoyed all the talks and the analogies they made from the scriptures to our lives.
It's good to have a reminder about the importance of remembering the little things and paying attention them.
Justin talked about Ammon and the scattering of the sheep. He said we were like Ammon and the sheep were all the things we were trying to do right. Daily scripture study, personal prayer, etc. Then along comes the Lamanitish servants and scatter the sheep. Our LS are things like: illness, a new baby, a big project, going on a vacation, or any other thing that disrupts our routine. When that happens, not if because it's sure to happen, how we deal with it is so important. Do we weep, wail and give up hope or do we try and gather our sheep up again and renew our commitment to do good?

It was a good meeting.

Mom and Dad came over for dinner after. We ate and then went for a walk. The weather is lovely today.

I love Sundays.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

soccer game~ one of the half dozen activites we have going on today!

Brother has two more games. Today and next week. Our team won today, as usual. Brother scored 3 goals. Our final score was 7-1.

DH is a fun coach, the boys like him and have learned a lot!

Besides soccer H has a birthday party to go to a jump it up. J had a ropes course activity this morning. S has her spring show, day two, tonight. J has a banquet and dance to go to for Grandma's class

And we had our regular chores to do.
Fun day!

our little star stepper, keeping limber before a show

woman to woman

"Enduring health problems - either your own, a spouse's or a child's"
There is something about the early morning that I love, the smell in the air of a new day fresh and full of possibilities, the light which is bright and clear but not harsh like it will be in a few hours. (thanks Tori) Our family is divided into night owls and early birds. It's very funny to watch. I am an early bird, so is S and H. (this does not mean I don't occasionally enjoy sleeping in) Right now Lucy likes to get up early too but it's too soon to tell if she is going to stay that way. DH is a night owl as are J and D and E. On mornings when we have no where to rush off to you can see this natural separation and many is the day when I have some quiet time first thing. Today is one of those days. I decided to catch up on some blogs and realized that I missed Lei's woman to woman. So better late than never I'm going to participate now.
My sisters and I have all faced rather serious health problems in our 20s. Anna had life threatening colitis which ended up with her losing her colon after losing a decade of good health. MSV was diagnosed with epilepsy and had a hysterectomy because anemia was exacerbating that condition, which means she lost her ability to have more babies and almost her ability to drive. I had cancer. Interestingly each of us say we would keep our own rather than trade with one another.
Hopefully the rest of the women in the family will skip this particular trend :)
When I was pregnant with S I got a goiter which we didn't really notice until after she was born. When I went back and looked at pictures I could see it but I guess it grew or somehow became more noticeable after because that's when we took a look at it. I had a biopsy and it was cancer. Of course I was shocked. Immediately my attitude was well, okay this stinks but lets get it behind us. It's been 17 years so I am trying to remember how we "endured" it.
My biggest worry was the girls. I wanted to make sure they were okay. My mom and Grandma Joyce took care of them a lot, especially when I was in the hospital or going to the doctor. Several ward members also kept them. When I had my surgeries both mom and GJ wanted to be at the hospital so the Overtons kept them. When I wasn't in the hospital I wanted to take care of them myself but I was very grateful for their safe care when I couldn't.
Physically how we endured it was with the help of family and ward members. Friends brought in meals, took care of the kids, helped with some of the stuff that had to get done.
Spiritually we endured it by relying on the Lord. Literally. Before my diagnosis I had a priesthood blessing that promised, among other things, that I would live to raise my children and the ones I would yet have. I believed that and thought about it often. When I first found out I was shocked and cried. The news was broken to me very poorly. My endocrinologist was a jerk. He called me on the phone and said your test results are back and you have papillary thyroid carcinoma. I don't have time to talk about it right now so if you have any questions call Dr B (my OB who had referred me to him) and I'll see you in the office tomorrow.
I got off the phone and thought, that sounds bad, maybe I should call Dr. B. (denial). So I did. He got on the phone right away. After I repeated back to him my conversation, and he finished cursing under his breath, he asked are you sitting down?
No you're not, Sit down.
Are you sitting?
You have cancer.
Are you there?
sniff, Yes.
Do you understand?
more silence
What do you want to ask me?
Do I have to stop nursing S?
Are you sure?
We need to make sure you will live, not that you will nurse.
Am I going to die?
Hopefully not.

Then he talked to me some more, until I was done crying and we had a plan. Then he showed up for both surgeries and came to the hospital every day for every treatment I had. I loved that man. What an awesome doctor.
When there is a crisis blessings from the Lord are easier to recognize. Their sweetness fills your heart and gives you the strength to carry on. I never had to walk alone. When I was afraid I could pray or sing a hymn in my head and I felt better. I plead with my Father in Heaven for strength and courage and he answered me. I was able to tolerate my treatments well, recover quickly and take care of D and S.
Of course there were moments of fear and uncertainty but I clung to what I knew and pushed through. I know I was positive because several doctors were worried about my attitude fearing that I didn't understand what was going on and was in denial.
My cancer was unusually aggressive and growing quickly, maybe because of the pregnancy and the hormones that run rampant through your body at that time. The surgeon said if we were a week later it literally would have been too late. But we weren't. And I got better.
I know the Lord has a plan for each of us and a timing for our lives. My job is not to worry about when that time is up but to worry about what I do with the time I have. I try and use it well. I try to be good. I fail most of the time but there are moments along the way when I do the right thing, when I remember who I am and what my Father wants from me. Hopefully it will be enough.
Now that I am older and my body is tired and groans with the little complaints that come from living, having lots of babies, never sleeping enough, and the general abuse and neglect it has to endure from me, I try to keep that same attitude. To do the best I can with each day. To do what needs to be done even if my reflux is keeping me up, or my "whatever" hurts. I don't take for granted the blessing of life, the privilege of being here and having time to take care of my family.
and as a fun aside, when I was done with being treated I took D to Disneyland and we had the best day! Very fun. We rode Dumbo together and ate frozen banana's on a stick and enjoyed the magic of Disney and look at my month left until we have that magic again! Enjoying the magic along the way is key to enduring. Men are that they might have joy. Since no one's life is perfect~ free of pain and trouble~ I have to assume that means to find the joy during that pain, while in the struggle. I try to do that.
and as a not fun aside: stupid blogger won't let me format paragraphs.... I don't know why but it's most annoying.

Friday, April 27, 2007

talent show

It's been such a busy few days, I guess it's just that time of year. Spring time seems hectic all the seasons. Maybe it's just our family, we are busy.

H's dentist appointment went well. She has one more but said this one didn't hurt and hasn't had problems with it since, which is good.

Last night I went to our visiting teaching conference. It was really nice. There was a dinner, skit, musical numbers. Kind of the usual but it was well put together and the spirit was there. The theme was "angels among us" and the difference we can make in each others lives.

In the skit they had a reluctant visiting teacher. At the end she was kneeling to pray and Heavenly Father answered her in an audible voice. She had a conversation with him that really touched me.

I always say my prayers and I have no doubt that they are heard and answered. To hear an audible answer real time though was neat, and it made me think of Him as closer, really there.

Several sisters bore testimony of how their lives had been impacted by faithful visiting teachers. I guess I need to keep that in mind. We never know when our hands can be used as tools in His hands.

Today was a typically crazy day. I had to hustle this morning and try and get everything ready for the talent show tonight. We also had book club, which I wanted to go to, so I was trying to open up a block of time so I could do that.

Both H and E wanted to enter the cake decorating contest so after getting the last things we needed for the dinner we came home and got to baking. One of the cakes, when I first took it out of the oven to cool, burst. There was glass everywhere. I was so surprised. My stove top wasn't cold.
Of course it's always when you are in a rush that the unexpected happens. We cleaned the mess and headed off to book club anyway.

We read "Twilight", which I LOVED. I actually also read the second book "New Moon". Our discussion was fun. Pretty much everyone loved Edward!

Normally I hate scary books, and this is a vampire story, but I still loved it. It's 11pm, and I am waiting up for S to get home from the spring show and I am finding myself unable to really write a coherent sentence so enough about Edward and vampires for now.
H made a flower cake, inspiration thanks to family fun magazine. E made a star wars one, inspired by Debbie, my sister Anna's RLF. They both won prizes, which made them very happy. E's got first place, it really was cute.

The talent show went well. H's hula group looked so darling. It was very fun. Brother's preschool did a dance/lip sync that was fun. DH sang with the men. Papa sang also and played the harmonica. We had stilt walkers, a violinist, singers, a oboe solo, gymnastics; all kinds of fun stuff.

Everyone stayed and helped clean up. Yea for help.
Unfortunately we had a lot of food left over. I always get portion sizes wrong, plus I never know for sure how many will show up. Today we had a good crowd.

After it was over we drove to the HS to give S a car to come home in. Came home and packed J and H. H went to spend the night with Bethany, she was VERY excited. J and Emma went to spend the night with Mariah, in the morning they are going on a ropes course together with the rest of the young women. DH stayed home to put kids to bed and I drove big girls where they needed to go.
So, in a nut shell, I'm tired. Cakes did well, talent was fun, I'm ready for a Saturday.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

little shop of horrors:

Today H goes in for the first side of her mouth. She is happy because she's not in school. I am nervous for her. I hate the dentist, for myself and in behalf of others.

getting to know you....

Fold My Laundry Please tagged me with a getting to know you meme.

1. What is your full name? super mommy
2. What are you most afraid of? flying, drowning, running out of my favorite toothpaste, to name a few.
3. What is the most recent movie that you’ve seen in the theater? Amazing Grace
4. Where were you born? San Fransisco, CA
5. What is your favorite food? seafood, or chocolate, or......there are lots I love.
6. What is your natural hair color? Brown
7. Have you ever been to Alaska? No, but I would love to visit.
8. Have you ever toilet papered someone’s house? Yes, it was a favorite activity in my youth
9. Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes
10. Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes.
11. Croutons or bacon bits? Both!
12. What is your favorite day of the week? Saturday…my husband is home and we’re free to go out and do something fun as a family.
13. What is your favorite restaurant? hhmm, that's a hard one. I love PF Chang's lettuce wraps, I like Chili's menu, I like trying new things. Can't pick.
14. What is your favorite flower? I'm so indecisive I guess, all these favorites are hard. I love wisteria. I also love bouquets like I got last week from my MIL of mixed with some exotic, colorful flowers. Very pleasing!
15. What is your favorite sport to watch? soccer
16. What is your favorite sport to play? walking
17. What is your favorite drink? water
18. What is your favorite ice cream? mint chip
19. Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney
20. Have you ever been on a ship? like a cruise ship? No
21. What color is your bedroom carpet? Dark Brown
22. How many times did you fail your driver’s test? None
23. Who was your last e-mail from? some spam site
24. When is your usual bedtime? 11-ish
25. What is your favorite TV show? Amazing Race
26. Who was the last person you went to dinner with? Dani, Greg, MSV and her R
27. What are your favorite colors? red, green
28. How many tattoos/piercings do you have and where and what are they? only my ears are pierced.
29. How many pets do you have? two dogs
30. List something you would like to do before you die. go on a mission
31. Have you ever been to Hawaii? twice, it's very fun.
32. Have you ever been to countries outside of the US? France, Spain and Canada
33. What were you/will you be doing at 31 and 32 years old? H was born the year I turned 31. We were living in TX and I was serving in YW.

okay I tag, (pause for a big sigh because sometimes I don't love these so much), I pick my RLFs, joyismygoal, three blond boys, I Have a Good Life and my sister A

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

a day like any other

Today, today, work while you may
There is no tomorrow but only today.

Do you remember that hymn? It must have been written about mothers :)

Today was a day much like every other day. I woke up early and went to work out with Tori while S was at seminary. She added more weights to our bar today, how mean, but we did it so yea!
When I got home I had to hurry H along. She was laying in the bath luxuriating. She had to rush rush rush and actually stand on the front porch with her bowl of cereal shovelling in spoon fulls as the bus rolled down our street toward her stop. She wasn't very happy about that. She also asked for a note to get out of PE because she had a cut on her foot from the night before that was hurting. I told her no and sent her on her way. (foreshadowing alert).
After she was gone the rest of the kids piled in the suburban and we ran to Albertson's pumped some gas into the big green gas hog and ran inside to get J's sack lunch fixins' for her field trip.

Dropped off S, dropped off J and came home to shower and dress.

Around 10 Carson and Mason came over while their mom went on a field trip. The boys played great. Carson napped, Lucy played. They ate lunch, ran around, heard a couple stories, set up the animals in some epic battle formations and used their light sabers.

During all that Lou had speech. Ms. Maricarol is so nice and Lucy loved playing with her. She was very cooperative and said "words" that were approximations of giraffe, monkey, not there, diaper, not dog, more and a few others. Some sounded like the word so we're making progress. Either way she loves it which is fun.

By 3 we had done some laundry, cleaned the kitchen (twice), chatted on the phone, checked our blogs, made the beds, picked up the living room (at least 3 times) what else? Oh got some stuff ready for the ward social. The usuals.

After the boys left H got home and we went to pick up S. Soon after J was home. Everyone needed snacks. I started dinner and got E ready for soccer practice. DH got home and took E. After feeding the kids at home I left J in charge of G and went to watch soccer. I was supposed to go right after to go meet Robin, Rachel and Mom for some "visiting teaching" at Chilis. H went w/ the boys to play with her friend during practice.

Practice went well. H's foot was bleeding again so I gave her a tissue. I left to go meet up at Chili's and got a call when I was almost there saying R2 couldn't make it so I turned around and came home. J, G and I took a walk to Nikko's house to lend her "New Moon". DH got home and sat down to eat dinner with E. H had gotten invited to go to CiCi's with her friend. DH told me he wanted me to make bread, and did I remember that I said I would two days ago. (that's the nice version of the story). I did remember so I started the bread.

H came home and was still complaining about her foot. Upon closer examination we discovered that she had a small piece of glass in it.
We performed bathroom surgery. DH was the surgeon, S held the light, I held the foot, G and E held H's hands, H cried. It was over quickly and we bathed her and got her ointmented up.

I went back to the bread. DH gave E and himself a hair cut.
While the dough was rising I put the little girls to bed. Boys showered. We gathered all for scriptures/prayers except the little girls who were sleeping.

Now, it's 10:30. Everyone is sleeping except S who is finishing homework and me waiting for the bread to finish baking.

It starts at 5:40am it ends at 11pm. No wonder I yawn in the afternoon; BUT I am 100% confident that in 14 months while we are on our cruise I will get to sleep in at least one of those days, and it will be lovely.

and I need to perfect my bread recipe I guess, if DH is going to want me to make some every week. These came out a little too brown. I want it to come out light and airy and yummy.

good food that's good for you


apples -Protects your heart - prevents constipation- Blocks diarrhea -Improves lung capacity- Cushions jointsapricots -Combats cancer- Controls blood pressure -Saves your eyesight -Shields against Alzheimer's -Slows aging process
artichokes -Aids digestion -Lowers cholesterol -Protects your heart -Stabilizes blood sugar- Guards against liver disease
avocados -Battles diabetes -Lowers cholesterol- Helps stops strokes- Controls blood pressure Smoothes skin
bananas -Protects your heart Quiets a cough Strengthens bones Controls blood pressure -Blocks diarrhea
beans- Prevents constipation- Helps hemorrhoids- Lowers cholesterol- Combats cancer- Stabilizes blood sugar
beets- Controls blood pressure- Combats cancer -Strengthens bones- Protects your heart-Aids weight loss
blueberries -Combats cancer -Protects your heart -Stabilizes blood sugar- Boosts memory- Prevents constipation
broccoli- Strengthens bones- Saves eyesight- Combats cancer- Protects your heart -Controls blood pressure
cabbage- Combats cancer -Prevents constipation- Promotes weight loss- Protects your heart- Helps hemorrhoids
cantaloupe- Saves eyesight -Controls blood pressure -Lowers cholesterol- Combats cancer- Supports immune system
carrots- Saves eyesight -Protects your heart- Prevents constipation -Combats cancer- Promotes weight loss
cauliflower -Protects against Prostate Cancer- Combats Breast Cancer -Strengthens bones- Banishes bruises -Guards against heart disease
cherries- Protects your heart- Combats Cancer- Ends insomnia -Slows aging process -Shields against Alzheimer's
chestnuts- Promotes weight loss- Protects your heart -Lowers cholesterol -Combats Cancer- Controls blood pressure
chili peppers -Aids digestion -Soothes sore throat -Clears sinuses -Combats Cancer- Boosts immune system
figs -Promotes weight loss -Helps stops strokes -Lowers cholesterol- Combats Cancer- Controls blood pressure
fish -Protects your heart -Boosts memory -Protects your heart- Combats Cancer- Supports immune system
flax -Aids digestion -Battles diabetes -Protects your heart -Improves mental health-Boosts immune system
garlic- Lowers cholesterol- Controls blood pressure -Combats cancer -kills bacteria -Fights fungus
grapefruit- Protects against heart attacks -Promotes Weight loss-Helps stops strokes- Combats Prostate Cancer- Lowers cholesterol
grapes- saves eyesight- Conquers kidney stones -Combats cancer -Enhances blood flow- Protects your heart
green tea- Combats cancer -Protects your heart- Helps stops strokes -Promotes Weight loss- Kills bacteria
honey- Heals wounds -Aids digestion- Guards against ulcers -Increases energy -Fights allergies
lemons -Combats cancer- Protects your heart -Controls blood pressure -Smoothes skin -Stops scurvy
limes -Combats cancer -Protects your heart- Controls blood pressure -Smoothes skin- Stops scurvy
mangoes -Combats cancer -Boosts memory -Regulates thyroid- aids digestion -Shields against Alzheimer's
mushrooms- Controls blood pressure -Lowers cholesterol -Kills bacteria- Combats cancer- Strengthens bones
oats- Lowers cholesterol- Combats cancer- Battles diabetes- prevents constipation- Smoothes skin
olive oil-Protects your heart- Promotes Weight loss -Combats cancer- Battles diabetes- Smoothes skin
onions- Reduce risk of heart attack- Combats cancer- Kills bacteria -Lowers cholesterol- Fights fungus
oranges- Supports immune systems- Combats cancer- Protects your heart -Straightens respiration
peaches- prevents constipation- Combats cancer- Helps stops strokes -aids digestion- Helps hemorrhoids
peanuts- Protects against heart disease- Promotes Weight loss -Combats Prostate Cancer- Lowers cholesterol- Aggravates diverticulitis
pineapple- Strengthens bones- Relieves colds- Aids digestion -Dissolves warts -Blocks diarrhea
prunes-Slows aging process- prevents constipation- boosts memory- Lowers cholesterol- Protects against heart diseaserice- Protects your heart- Battles diabetes -Conquers kidney stones- Combats cancer- Helps stops strokes
strawberries -Combats cancer- Protects your heart- boosts memory -Calms stress
sweet potatoes -Saves your eyesigh-t Lifts mood -Combats cancer- Strengthens bones
tomatoes- Protects prostate- Combats cancer- Lowers cholesterol- Protects your heart
walnuts- Lowers cholesterol -Combats cancer -boosts memory -Lifts mood -Protects against heart disease

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

thinking blogger

I can't believe it, I've never been nominated for anything before :) (well I was nominated most improved in my class in 2nd grade but I suspect that is really code for "she was dumbest when she got here and now she can read" so that isn't so much an honor) But today not one but two bloggers, No Cool Story and Happy Mommy, nominated me for the thinking blogger award. I feel so honored.

The rules:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote

So, I found out this morning and have spent some time thinking about who to nominate. I have a few blogs that I always love to read. People that I call my 'imaginary friends', who are a lot like me. Some are even my RLF, and I love to read about their lives and how their kids are and how the decorated the gym for whatever activity they have just planned. I love them and love reading them but I decided that wasn't really a "thinking blog" for me. Blogs that make me think are ones whose lives are different than mine. Who make me pause and have a different perspective, kind of a window into a life I didn't chose, someone who is a little different. Keeping that in mind here is my list:

1. Briana at Heldt Family Blog. She is a young mom of two darling little girls and two handsome boys. Her boys were adopted from Ethiopia. She tries to do good and to make a difference in the world and it's fun for me to read about her efforts. adoption is something that DH and I have talked about but really not too seriously. We would both have liked brother to have had a brother to grow up with but decided it wasn't something we were going to pursue. Even though we are not going to add to our family through adoption I enjoy reading her blog about her family that grew this way, especially since I have two sisters who are adopted.

2. Miranda at Nurtured by Love. She's a home schooling, Suzuki mom. It's always fun to see what her family is up to.

3. Sharp Mama. She's a Canadian expat living in Thailand and raising a family there. I randomly found her one day while reading dot.moms and her little boy was so cute. We share the same first name, which is not a common one, and somehow that made me think what my life could have been like if I made really different choices. Every now and then I pop over and see what's new. She always makes me think.

4. Planet Nomad. An American family living in Mauritania, Africa. Talk about a world away!

5. MSV, reading her blog always makes me think "I wish we lived nearer to each other."

the consequence of not owning a trampoline:

Brother wearing the shirt his brother Greg got him.
"helping to make the bed"

Monday, April 23, 2007

what the fam did while I was gone

Brother had a soccer game Saturday morning. H was invited to a birthday party with a fun luau theme!
Abba took everyone to the movies to see Meet the Robinsons.
Lucy and brother got to play at the park with Abba and DH.

I think everyone had such a fun time!

So much fun that I am not even going to point out that Lucy had her outfit on backwards. :)


I went for the weekend to visit Dani and Greg. It was so much fun. A couple months ago Dani asked me to come up and see her school and visit her. When I talked to DH we remembered that he was behind a few gift giving occasions (like Christmas, Valentines day) and my birthday was coming up, so we decided to roll them into one great gift: an airline ticket. My flight up was fine, uneventful. MSV and cute little nieces and nephews picked me up at the airport and took me to D's school. I was looking forward to a day of beauty.
Her school is really nice. The instructors are friendly and she has lots of friends and the building was nice. I got a cut and color. I would have done more but we ran out of time, which was okay. I was very happy with the results. I think it makes me look thinner :)
new hair-do

Saturday night we went out to dinner. We had wanted to go to Tacano's but the wait was long and the MSV needed to get back sooner than we could have so we went to "The Happy Sumo". The food was yummy and we had a lot of fun. Dani got the dragon dinner.
Dani and Greg have a really cute apartment. They just got a kitchen table! and everything is clean and nice.

The more time I spend with Greg the more I like him. He's a really nice guy and smart and funny. I am glad that he and Dani chose to get married and share their lives together. I think they'll be really happy. He's a planner and really interested in working toward a secure future for them. He's also polite. He slept on the couch the first night I was there, even though I insisted that I was fine. The second night we got a blow up mattress for me and he got to have his bed back. I thought that was really nice, even though I felt bad. I don't want him to dread my visits after all!

Sunday morning Greg made pancakes then we went to church. Their ward was nice, close to their apartment. We went home and cooked and looked at Disneyworld online then went to MSV's for dinner.

She made yummy chicken. We made rice and salad and D made her special cheese cake. Michael and Andrea came over and we had a really fun time visiting. The weekend went way too fast.

This morning I flew home. Our fight was turbulent but the plane landed in one piece= a success. The kids and DH were happy to have me home. I missed them and was happy to be back as well. I wish D&G lived close by so I could share all my wisdom with them:) and see them often.

I am kidding about the wisdom thing. It's really an odd thing having a grown daughter and figuring out what to say and what not to say. I don't want to be intrusive, I do want to be involved and for them to know that DH and I support them. I hope they know I am proud of them and think they are doing things just right. And that I love them both.

I am really happy that DH kept the kids for the weekend and that my friend Nikko kept them today so that all was fine while I was gone. I am lucky-ducky!

Friday, April 20, 2007


Abba arrived! We had dinner and then headed out to the rodeo. We found a good place to park and walked in only to discover that it was a high school rodeo night. Which meant that kids were not free :(
We decided to go anyway and were able to go in and find seats that were pretty good. The coliseum is on the small side and I think that makes all the seats really pretty good. You can see what's going on, which is fun.

I though the kids would really like it. I don't think they did as much as I thought. Lucy was wiggly and kept bumping the lady in front of us. We tried to move her to a seat that wouldn't let her reach but it was a challenge. She did like the horses.
E thought it was "boring". He watched and liked some of it but wanted to go home most of the time.
H cried and whimpered because she felt sad for the animals that were being roped or thrown down. She was disappointed because she wanted to see a clown and we left way before bull riding started.

I enjoyed it, and I think DH and Abba did too. DH and I might go again but we probably won't take the kiddos any time soon.

Arts Festival

Abba is coming over today to spend the weekend. We thought he was coming in the morning, I don't know why;
and then found out that he wasn't coming until evening so then we had time to go down to the arts festival. Now he's coming in the afternoon, which is great so we'll have some time today with the kids awake.

Every year DH and I love to go to the arts festival. It's always so much fun to see all the funky cool things people make. Every year I say "next year we're spending longer" because we seem to just have a few hours. The same thing happened this year too:)

Next year we will, for sure ,spend longer since it will be our last spring in the lone star state, at least for awhile. How crazy is that? We're starting a list of things we "have to do" before we leave.

As usual they had many neat things to look at. The kids really enjoyed the different sculptures and the movable art the best. We stopped for lunch and Lucy enjoyed playing in the curtains while we ate the best sandwiches EVER at the Corner Bakery.

On the way back to the car we saw some fun sights. The first was an R2D2 mailbox. Brother thought it was "awesome!". Then in the parking garage we looked out and saw a construction crew building something. It was fun to watch the crane and the workers and the birds flying under us!

belated birthday treat!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

birthday reflections

I had a very happy birthday. Going on field trip with H was so fun and there is no one I would have rather spent the day with.
In the evening we went to E's soccer practice and we ordered Chinese food. I was spoiled by all so Thank you, Thank you :)
Our family has a lot of birthday sharers. DH shared a birthday with his Grandmother Peg. He always loved that.
When I met her she already older and near the end of her life. I am very glad I got to meet her and visit with her several times for the few years I knew her. She was very sweet and loved her family so much.
A couple years ago we were in Ohio and Brian brought some letters that she had written to him. DH and I sat on the fireplace and read through all of them. They were so fun to read. He was in the states going to college and she was living in Turkey with her Air Force husband and the rest of the kids. She wrote every week and I am so glad that he saved them. I really felt like I got to know her through those letters. She wrote about every day life, how she had to bleach her vegetables before serving them, about taking Tommy to play here or there, about sewing for Susan or Becky. I loved reading them. Those letters are a precious legacy. That was part of what motivated me to start blogging. I thought a daily account of life would be interesting. Hers certainly was.

Our next birthday sharer is my mom and E and sister-in-law Kelly. Hopefully they will enjoy their shared memories as much. Last year Grandma and E got to celebrate together, which was very fun. Maybe one year we'll have all three of them together!

And now my Son-In-Law, Greg, and I have the same birthday. This year was our first year to share and we, in very typical 21st century fashion, texted back and forth our birthday wishes. This weekend while I am in Utah visiting we'll go out to dinner for the big day. He is a great guy. If I was going to sit down and write up a list of who I'd like my daughter to marry I think he'd jump off the page and be the one. He's kind and smart, hard working and most importantly faithful to the Lord. I think they will have a happy life together.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

stockyards fun

Today I got to go with H on her field trip.

We went to the stockyards.

I didn't know what to expect but it was so fun. It was probably the most fun I have ever had on a field trip.

We got there and the kids ran the human maze. H got "her best time ever", 16 minutes. All the kids who finished got poppers and sat on the ground and played with them.

We went to several of the museums there. I had never been inside some of them and I particularly enjoyed the wagon displays.
We also got to go in the coliseum. Home of the first ever indoor rodeo. Also the only place that has two rodeo's every weekend.

The bus was loud and crowded. As all school buses are. :)

We got to watch the herd have their cattle drive down the street and we had a special presentation about being a cowboy.
The most surprising part was when we went by marine creek. I didn't even know it was there. It runs under the street and the shops are built on a bridge that goes over it. It was such a surprise to walk down between two shops and see this creek!

We had lunch at the pavilion. H, Alexa and Meagan were "food statues".

It was such a fun day. The history of the area is really interesting and they did an awesome job on the tours and presentations.

Now H and I want to go see a rodeo!