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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

middle of the week

My wallet is full of plastic cards. They allow me to do all kinds of different things. One lets me check out books from the library, another lets me get money out of my bank account (seemingly magically, at least in the eyes of my littles who say just use your debit card when I tell them no to buying something), a third lets me go into the zoo and another the museum. I have cards that say I know CPR, shop too much at Bath & Body works and that I can get a discount at local pizza eateries and oil changing establishments. I have one that tells my blood type. None, however, are as precious to me as the one I used this morning. I made a goal to go to the temple once a month this year. Somehow February flew by and DH and I didn't make it so I traded with my friend Debi and she kept my kids while I went and then next week I'll keep hers while she substitutes.
I had a very nice morning and was so glad that I went. While there I ran into a sister I haven't seen in 15+ years. We were in the same ward in CA. She was a lot older than me, and actually didn't like me much. When I was called to be RS Pres. she thought it should have been her. She left the sacrament meeting crying. It was really hard. I managed to offend her regularly with such infractions as wearing pants shopping (I wasn't being a good example), planning swimming as a homemaking activity (don't know why on that one) and telling her she had so many talents (to which she responded that she was MUCH older and of course had many more talents developed and why would I compare?)
She didn't recognize me, but I did her and I told her I know you, and then we visited. It was really nice. She was very happy to see me and had a very cheerful countenance. Since I last saw her she and her husband have served four missions (one to Kenya, one to the Philippines, one to Washington DC, and one to Korea). Now they are living in TX near their son. Her husband has Parkinson's. She serves in the temple each week. After visiting we hugged tightly. Each glad to see the other.
While I was driving home I thought about our chance meeting and what a small world it is. I am so grateful for the associations we have in the gospel. That the love of the Saviour can make sisters out of people who otherwise have nothing in common. That we can find such peace and joy in service. It is clear to me that her earlier sadness was because she felt under valued. Her children were grown and she had much to offer but wasn't being put to use that way. Serving brought her joy. Brings her joy. The feelings of peace and quiet and rightness is so overwhelming in the temple. It is a refuge to my soul.
Last night DH and I were watching Oprah (DVRed the day before) about the new leadership academy she just opened. She interviewed the students and showed their homes and the humble circumstances they came from. Yet they had a glow and excitement about them. They wanted to learn. I wondered why my children, who have everything, only want more things. They don't memorize poetry, love to do math, or hope to make a difference in their country. Yet they have ever opportunity. That needs to change.
Last night (earlier) we went to see "Bridge to Teribithia" for FHE. It was really good. It is the first movie from book that I have seen that I liked the movie just as well. Admittedly I didn't see the whole thing including the end since the whole family went. That meant I spent some of the time in the foyer with Lucy who didn't want to sit quietly in spite of my bag of tricks (lipstick, popcorn, toys, drinks, etc). H who had to pee, E who wanted a drink. So maybe I missed something awful but the parts I saw I liked.
On the other hand I just endured a book that was SO boring and poorly written. I almost didn't finish, in fact I mostly scanned the last half. It was very cliche and I am annoyed at the writer for wasting my time, and myself for picking it off the library shelf.
Lastly, don't save money on store brand diapers. They leak, always. I know this but was suckered into the lower price again last week and have had more leaking diapers and extra laundry this week.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Peach Dessert

J stayed home from school today. She didn't feel well. After sleeping until noon she got up and felt a bit better. Then she decided she wanted to bake something.

It turned out very lovely. J likes things to look nice. She's like my mom and MSV, they both have a knack for making things look pleasing.

Neither S nor J like to miss very much school. S never misses, J occasionally does. She gets very stressed out at school and is always worrying about assignments. She also doesn't sleep well, I don't know why. So every now and then she just conks and needs to sleep. Headaches and upset stomach are the symptoms, sleep is the cure. Lovely dessert is the benefit...and a smiling J.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Zoo day!

I had to run an errand for my BIL this morning. Since it was sort of near the zoo, and since the weather is just gorgeous I decided to surprise the littles with a stop at the zoo.

It was the perfect day there. Weather~ lovely, crowds~ non existent, animals~ lively. I couldn't ask for more.

We didn't have a lot of time so I told brother to pick his three favorite animals and we'd see those. He picked monkeys, snakes and crocodiles.

We went to the monkey house first. They were all up and about. We stood and laughed for a long time as they swung on the trees. One had a little baby clinging to her and we were amazed and how well he stayed on, even when momma monkey went flying through the air.

Inside we saw the cutest little baby chimpanzee. He was so playful and was swinging and hitting the glass where the kids were watching on purpose trying to engage them. Lucy was delighted with them.

The herpeterium was full of snakes and frogs and lizards. We always go there, the kids always love it. They weren't particularly cute or anything but it's a favorite spot.

We spent a few minutes in TX Wild playing in the kid area and then our 2 hours was up. We headed to the exit, stopped for an ice cream sandwich (that means lunch right?) on the way out and we were home in time for naps.

This is the beautfy of being a zoo member.

our weekend, in bullets

  • Friday night "Chinese New Year" celebration
  • Saturday morning: shopping for groceries, house work
  • Saturday afternoon: took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for Alyssa's first birthday~ it was SO crowded and noisy and unorganized, pretty much a nightmare. The kids did have a good time. Mom and I went together and we were both happy to have to leave early.
  • Saturday night: after Priesthood Leadership for the men we met up and had dinner with friends then all headed to the adult session of Stake Conference. It is my favorite meeting (probably because I actually get to hear the whole thing)
  • Sunday morning: Conference
  • Sunday afternoon: surprise birthday party for Bro Dallof who turned 79. There were lots of people there. The kids all played soccer in the backyard and the weather was perfect. I think it was a nice surprise for him.
  • Sunday evening: mom and dad came over and Dad and I made Bee Bim Bop. The Elders stopped by unexpectedly, but in time for dessert (which mom had made).
  • Sunday night: watched The Amazing Race.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Party Report

I think the party went really well. At least I had a lot of fun. Mom and Dad came over about a half hour before it started. Papa was going to be Lucy's "partner" and Grandma was there to help. S, J and E had plans out of the house. Unfortunately when it came time to go E didn't want to. He complained and cried and had to be coaxed. In the end we made him leave. I felt bad about it but it was a special Father/Daughter party and he is going camping with his dad on the Father/Son outing next month. So with a little trauma to start the party out with we were ready to greet our guests.

As everyone arrived we took their pictures with their dads. I need to e-mail them to Wal-mart so I can get prints to give out. Then the girls were instructed to go to the back bedroom where Grandma was waiting to help them write down an interesting story about themselves. The dads were given paper and pen and asked to do the same only to write about when they were young. When everyone arrived and had finished writing I read them out loud and we had to guess who was who.
It was a fun ice breaker.

Next we ate. We had egg rolls, clementines, rice and sweet and sour chicken (which turned out well and was easy to make), fortune cookies and mints.

When everyone was done eating we went back to the living room and played Jr Pictionary. Very crazy and loud! The "couch team" won.

We took a break for ice cream. Each of the girls brought a topping to share and they got to assemble their own ice cream dishes.

Next we played "mother elephant" a hysterical game using animal signs where you move from seat to seat and try to become the mother elephant. You have to be quick and the girls cracked up at their dads. It was very cute.
At the end H gave each friend a Chinese lantern making kit and told them thank you for coming.
We ran a little longer than I had planned but it was very fun. The girls are so cute and silly and the dads were all very nice.
Two girls came without their dads, who were working. I am glad they came anyway. I'm calling it a success.

Party Guests!

the hidden benefits to throwing a party

We have a list of things that need to be done. Sometimes we have to wait a long time before they actually get done. One of the things on the list was replace the burnt out light bulbs on the porch. Our neighborhood doesn't have street lights and it's very dark out. And scary. Our lights burnt out one at a time over the last while and it's been a couple months since we've had any light. Today DH got out his handy dandy screw driver and replaced all the bulbs! Yeah and let there be light.

Things still on the list:
fix broken garage door
re chalk bathtub in cowboy bathroom
fix the molding where Millie ate it
fix the screen that Millie clawed a hole in
replace the couch that Millie chewed up
Get a new fridge (just because I want one)
fix crack in kitchen tile
paint dresser and put knobs on it
And the list goes on, but hey one down...not too bad.
Just to be fair, top of DH's list is probably fix the lawn mower's broken tire. Our list is endless but I felt like I should at least mention the lawn mower because now that it's a little warm outside things are going to start growing.

Our vacuum stinks. It's been limping along for while, today it stopped sucking all together. A bad thing in a vacuum. Being party day and all we had to get a new one.
Our vacuum buying philosophy is get the cheapest one out there. They all break quickly and we have to replace them every year at best so we go for the $49.98 model. Maybe a really good one would last us longer, I don't know but since I hate Kirby salesmen this will have to do.

I make no sense....

Last night I went visiting teaching. I love to visit Rachel, she is so fun. We decided to meet at Chili's and visit over molten chocolate cake (to die for, seriously). We brought out mothers along too, cause we're nice like that (and they're pretty funny when given chocolate as well!) It was very fun. We met at 8ish, after the kiddos were tucked in bed. We laughed and talked until 10.

This morning I got up at 5:40 and pulled on my sweat pants and headed over to Tori's to spend an hour sweating and groaning.
It was actually also fun.
When this all started, oh so many weeks ago, I was hesitant at first. I wanted to work out but to actually do it is a different thing. Also she is in great shape (and tall and gorgeous and eats healthy foods) and I, well I am a dumpling. She warned me that she could be a work out nazi, and I felt like bailing and citing jell-o butt as an excuse, BUT I am very happy I didn't. It is fun and I am always glad I went.
Bonus: It's great to start the morning with some grown-up conversation and I think I see a muscle! ...maybe, well hopefully some day.

Now if I could love the first a little less and the second a little more maybe I'd see some real progress.

* we have a third work out buddy but she was sick today:(

Thursday, February 22, 2007

make outfits~ check

because when you get new clothes don't you put them on, run outside and start to dance around.

I worked on these for a couple days. Hate the fabric, it bunches, slips and unravels in a most annoying fashion.
Note to self: cotton is our friend.
But now we have cute party-ware, except I need to find something to wear under, the green on H isn't working for me, and Lucy's won't stay shut (this is why I shop not sew).
All that's left is to cook, clean up and plan games. Piece of cake!

70 degrees and Sunny out! I love it!

What a great day it is. It's the kind of day that you wake up and just breathing in the delicious air makes you smile!
Brother had preschool today, he's always happy on preschool days. This week they are studying Africa.

Lucy and I made a quick trip to Walmart this morning to buy a missing sewing notion for my china girl outfits that are such a pain, but I won't dwell on it because a) it's so lovely out, and b) I am almost done and they will look cute (I hope)
While we were there we bought a beautiful pair of princess sandals. She was very excited. The perfect themed shoes for our upcoming dream vacation.

Then we came home and sat outside and watched the flowers bloom, the birds fly around and the grass grow. It was very nice. Lucy brought her baby out and stroller her around. She also picked some cheery dandelions.
When we got the boys and came home we decided on a picnic lunch.
Now Lou is napping and they are out playing and I need to stop blogging and start sewing...but at least it's beautiful out!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

library day

Wednesday mornings are story time at the library. We don't always go but it's usually fun if we do. This morning we went. The kiddos enjoyed the stories and songs and they had a craft so it was all good.

After we went and picked some books for the week.

As soon as we got home we had to hop on the couch and read all the books. They sat for about 45 minutes listening.

We read:

Bee-bim Bop!

Small Pig

Pajama Day

Seven Loaves of Bread

Parents in the pigpen, pigs in the tub

Lilly's Chocolate Heart

Bee-bim Bop! was my favorite. It's about a Korean family who cooks dinner together, and then eats it. There is a recipe in the back and E wants to try it so I guess we'll be looking for kimchee etc this weekend. It'll be fun to try something new.

Happy Library Day! and the weather is warm too!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

yeah it's warm today!

The weather is warm today. It's so nice. After preschool E stayed to play at K's house. When I got there to pick him up they were outside on the play set. It was lovely out.

This morning my visiting teachers came. We had a fun chat.

Lucy and I took a little walk. Tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner. The evenings get busy around here. When H got off the bus she had to change for dance right away. Then we went to get S. After getting her we took H to dance. I walked in with her to buy new ballet shoes. She's been growing a lot lately and even though we just got some not too long ago we got to get more today. When we got home I started dinner. S got a snack, which she shared with Lucy, and then she left to go pick up J from track practice (thank goodness she is driving now!) and H from dance. I picked up, set the table and got dinner ready. When the three girls got back S left to meet her friends at Ihop for free pancakes in honor of Fat Tuesday. J cleaned the bathroom and took a shower. H helped me. Meanwhile brother was jumping on the couch. Finally we had things cooking and the table set so we went outside to sit on the porch. DH had to stop by and pick up his coaching packet for E's soccer team and was actually the first one to make it home. We sat on the porch for a few minutes more and watched the kids play in the grass. Then the missionaries arrived. I went inside to get food ready to serve and just as everything was ready mom and dad came.

We had cranberry chicken (so yummy), rosemary potatoes, and spinach salad. Mom brought cinnamon rolls for dessert.

We had a fun time visiting over dinner. Afterward we went to the living room and DH got out his trumpet. He played a couple hymns and then the elders shared a thought with us. They talked about the restoration of the priesthood and they did a really great job. Then we sang "the Spirit of God". It was one of those wonderful moments. The spirit was there and the music was powerful. The elders sang the first verse in English, the second in Tongan and English, the third in Tongan and the last in English. Both have wonderful voices. Dad and DH sang along as well. Mom played the piano and H was with her singing. G ran around the room. J listened. I was sitting on the fireplace listening as well. Brother ran over and climbed on my lap wrapped in his star wars blanket. He sang along on the chorus, and watched and listened. He was very still and quiet and watched them with rapt attention. I whispered in his ear "do you feel that?" He nodded yes. "That’s the holy ghost telling you that these missionaries are men of God, and doing His work. When you grow up you can serve the Lord like that too". He nodded and smiled. There were many moist eyes in the room and I was grateful to have the opportunity to share our meal and have them share their awesome spirit. They then sang a Tongan hymn, which was just lovely and just before wrapping up for the evening Elder V said he had a mother's day hymn and would we like to hear it. Yes. Of course we did. He said he and some of the other Tongan Elders wrote it while they were in the MTC. They then sang it. Again the song was so beautiful and heartfelt. I wish his mom could hear him. It was a sacred moment. We asked him what the words meant. I tried to commit them to memory but now it's been several hours and I don't remember all he said. Basically it was about the work and toils of motherhood, the sacrifices she made and the lessons she taught. One line was "your pain brought me life". The last verse was about a son's gratitude and love for his mother. And how they would, thanks to her teachings and love and example, be together in the eternities. I am happy when we have moments that teach. That show the way to eternal life. I hope brother remembers and wants to serve a mission.
Today I was watching a talk on BYU TV about the mission of the Savior. They talked about the 5 "assignments" He had from the Father. The fifth being to judge the world. The lecturer said imagine if you had 5 children and when you die you stand at judgment with your spouse and your children and are told that you decide how they will be judged but you have to follow the guidelines Heavenly Father gave us. 4 of the kids were obedient and really did all they should. The 5th was a good person, but not so faithful. So, with a broken heart you have to tell 4 they can enter the celestial kingdom but the 5th will not go to that same kingdom of glory. How sad and hard that would be. The Savior loves each of us like we love our children and wants the best for us. It will be His hardest assignment to sit in judgment and turn some of us away from eternal life.
During visiting teaching today we talked about the pure love of Christ, and about how charity isn't an action but a feeling, a way of being, who we are.
All these things have been on my mind today. It’s easy for me to fix a meal for someone or to watch their kids or to physically help in some way. It’s harder to have the pure love and concern for all. To be charitable.
Something to work on.

Tonight S and I did Yoga Booty Ballet again. Sweat, sweat, sweat. It’s good for the heart I guess.

Monday, February 19, 2007

uninspired monday

Today is Presidents day. We still worked out but didn't meet until 7:15.
After I got back we quickly got everyone dressed and headed off to get J's hair trimmed. My friend, Alison, cuts hair so we went there and the kids played and we chatted while J got some long layers. It looks real cute.

This afternoon S and J and Mackenzie went to the movies to see "Because I Said So".

The kids played outside and ran around. Nothing too exciting. I did have time to make a cute little china girl outfit for Lucy for this weekend. Now I need to make something for H.

Tonight H got to start gymnastics. She was real excited. They have a little program at the high school. When we got there we saw that we had several friends who were also participating so I sat and visited and H bounced around. She had a great time. After they played a big group game where the kids ran around or made actions depending on what the instructor called out.

We have several people in the family who aren't feeling well. (Sigh) I was hoping to avoid the crud that's going around but we might not be so lucky.
The good news is the weather is turning sunny and we're in the 70's which is great.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sabbath Morning

Today's favorite verse:
Mark 5:36 As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

saturday fun

Saturday's are always such a great day. We get to sleep in! This morning we didn't get up until 7am.
DH went to play paintball after we got up. The rest of us got to have family cleaning hour, which actually went fine. We had a fun afternoon planned which really works great as a motivator to help with chores.

H's friend Emma had a birthday party today. It was at Keller Pointe which has an indoor pool. S didn't want to go but the rest of us did. It was a lot of fun. The water was a little on the cold side but the kids didn't mind. Little Lucy is a daredevil. She is completely fearless and has such joy in the water. She purposely bobs under and kicks up to the top. She LOVED the slide and went down a million times. It was very cute.

I am reading a good book right now. It's called "in Code", it's the story of an Irish mathematician. She talks a little in the beginning of her interest in math and how her parents cultivated it. One of the things they did was work on mind puzzles all the time, not as a chore but just for fun. She talked about the first one she remembers doing when she was about 5 years old. On the way to the pool I asked the kids to try and solve it. I wondered if they would figure it out (I didn't but I am horrible at puzzles of all kinds and anything spacial, musical or mathematical).
The puzzle went like this:
There is a farmer who is walking home from the village to his farm with a fox, a goose and a bag of oats. On the way home he has to cross a bridge. The bridge is only strong enough to hold the farmer and one item at a time so he has to decide how to get them all across. He can't leave the fox and the goose alone because the fox will eat the goose. He can't leave the goose and the oats, because the goose will eat the oats. So, how will he get them all across?
J and her friend Emma came up with several plans, as did H. None were right. E thought the farmer should climb a tree and throw things over, which is not the answer either. He could not let go of the tree idea. The kids worked on the puzzle for quite awhile. Finally H said "why couldn't he just take the goose over, go back for the fox, take the goose back while he gets the oats, take the oats over and then go back for the goose." Which is the right answer. We were all excited and congratulated her on finding the answer and she was very excited. Then Emma and J asked for another one, they went "duh" and wanted to try more. Sadly I am only on chapter one and only had one other to tell them.
My brain doesn't think like that, although DH's does (thus the career as engineer extraordinaire) and so do the kids. I wonder if this is a thing that can be taught. Can you train your brain to think....I believe so, not that I've done it. Anyway, interesting. I'll be curious to read the rest, and to give the kids more puzzles.

When we got back from swimming J went to spend the night with Emma. I went to Wal mart. DH had work to do and eventaully had to go in to the office to finish up. I am waiting up for him now and watching "Marie Antoinette", which is a sad story.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Today we had book club. We had a good turn out and all the food was very yummy. Brother was very excited because he got to play with EC. He always loves to play with older boys.
We had read "Cane River", which I enjoyed. It lent itself well to a lot of discussion on race and slavery and being good mothers.
I accidentally said something that wasn't true. I said I never watched movies twice, which isn't true. I usually don't but there are some that I have and do. I like to read books more than once, sometimes many times. There are only a few movies that I like to watch over again. Of course the whole Disney repertoire gets a lot of viewing at our house. And I have watched or at least heard them many times, but that doesn't count.
Some movies I have watched several times, and probably will watch again someday are:
You've Got Mail
While You Were Sleeping
Pride and Prejudice
Bride and Prejudice
The Other Side of Heaven
HouseBoat and anything else with Cary Grant (except Arsenic and Old Lace)
The Santa Clause
Santa Clause 2
and there may be some others although I can't think of any right now.
edited on the morning of the 17th because it bothered me that I said something untrue, not because I was lying but because I didn't know the truth about myself, how weird is that, and so I thought about it all night and am now trying to be comprehensive although I know I'm not because I have a bad memory to boot.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Sleepless in Seattle
White Christmas
Cheaper by the Dozen

this list is getting kind of long, I guess I had to completely retract my statement. I do like to watch movies more than once (sometimes). Who knew? Still I don't consider myself a movie person, I'm just as likely to fall asleep as to actually watch one and I much prefer books. And as long as I'm examining my soul I am surprised to see that my list is almost all romantic comedies. I don't consider myself romantically inclined but obviously something touches me. When we go watch a movie at the theatre or even from Blockbuster it's much more likely to be action/adventure or sci fi or thriller but the ones I repeat are the sappy sweet romances. Crazy.

Tonight we went to the movies. We saw "Music and Lyrics". Mostly because it stars Hugh Grant, who is so handsome. It was cheesy but really sweet and funny. It had a scene which could have been skipped but it only eluded so that was good. It started out with the funniest "80's" style music video. As a child of the 80's it was fun-ny. Anyway it was predictable but I laughed and was glad so it was a good Valentines day date movie. And the music was catchy and romantic as well. Another romance. ARgh!!

S in her pretty dress

who needs Starbucks?

cinnamon toast: 5cents
a juice box: 35cents
morning read: free (chosen from the book shelf)
someone to share it with: priceless

Thursday, February 15, 2007

waging battle

There are 5 minutes between the time we walk in the door from preschool and a gourmet lunch of pb&j sandwiches and cinnamon applesauce is on the table ready to devour.
Just enough time to put on our new capes, made by awesome preschool mom Ramona, find light sabers and have at it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

happy Valentines Day!

When the kids wake up tomorrow they will find one of these hanging on their door filled with a little treat. A fun start to the day I hope.
This afternoon H had dance. We also just switched FHE to Tuesday nights because Dad is teaching a class on M/W night now. This worked out well because the HS is offering a 6 week beginning gymnastics class and H has been asking to try gymnastics for a year or so. It's on Monday nights and now she can take this intro class and see how she likes it. So mom and dad came over for dinner. It was very nice. I made Pioneer Woman's best lasagna ever, and it was. Mom made two recipes from the Lion House cook book. Yummy! Then we had a lesson and game. After they left H made her valentines for her class and we put the kiddos to bed. Luckily everyone went down nicely and I had time to assemble their surprises for tomorrow before it got too late!

a word to the wise

If you get the oh so fun early reader "mud soup" and your kids love it and want to try the recipe there are some things you need to know. First it really is very delicioso! A Spanish word kids love to say. Second it's easy to make, although you should be careful with the red pepper. I went a little overboard. Third, if you have a two year old who wears diapers, well, just don't.

Let me set the scene. Early this morning we were rushing out of the house because, well... we always are. Today we also had J's orthodontist appointment. And my good friend called to talk to me about her daughters upcoming birthday party and baptism. This will be a big year for baptisms since H is turning 8 and her friends will also turn 8. Yeah! 8 is great! So we were more behind than usual. Anyway, instead of showering I just brushed my hair and changed my clothes, luckily this wasn't a working out morning, and we ran out the door. Also luckily last night while I was fixing dinner for the missionaries the three littles were sent outside for some fresh air and found a huge mud puddle and came in dripping wet and muddy minutes before dinner should have been served so they "got to take a bath". That meant this morning only H (the bed-wetter) had to bathe, everyone else was good (enough).

So, on to the story.
Lucy and I were sitting in the waiting room reading Fort Worth Child while J was getting her braces looked at (which by the way we just finished paying for this morning!! Whoo Hoo! 3 mouths down, 3 to go...I should have been an orthodontist.) and I smelled something. Then I looked down and I saw that there was a suspicious wet, spreading spot on Lou's pants. Uh Oh. Into the bathroom we marched. Where there was no koala care station, and no counter space only hard cold tile. Also no paper towels or TP. Great. After I rumigaging around the bathroom looking for something I finally found some paper towels. Next I undressed Luce (trying not to get poops in her hair or in her ears or anyother place it shouldn't go but sadly sometimes does) and filled the sink with warm water. We (me and Lou, we were in it together) sponged her off and put a clean diaper, boots and shirt on her (I didn't have a spare onesie or pants because she's TWO for heavens sakes and she had already done her business this morning once so who would have thunk it?). Washed the counters and floor with wipes. Washed my hands. Took out the trashcan liner that we had filled with the stink bomb and wipes and exited the bathroom. Then we had to go outside to throw away the bag, after which we could go back in and wait some more. This time with other patients looking at my poor little scrappy Lou and wondering what kind of stoopid mom lets her baby run around bare legged in the frigid arctic weather we are currently enjoying.

Black beans in= black beans out. Don't go there, trust me.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Still having some sleeping issues. Lucy has been crying at bedtime and nap time. Of course she still has to sleep so we are just toughing it out. I hate to have her cry. Last night she cried for a long time before falling asleep. DH and I both went in to her and comforted her a couple times. H shares a room with her and she talked to her and told her she was okay. Tonight she cried but for a much shorter time.

S left before the awards on Saturday. She found out today that they got a trophy and two plaques! Yeah! Way to go Starsteppers!

We had the missionaries and mom over for dinner tonight. I made turkey soup, "mud soup", rolls, salad and "Tiffany's dessert". Our missionaries are very nice. Elder V from Tonga is still with us. He gave the thought after dinner and I found it very touching. He talked about the troubles in his country right now and how he's worried about his family. Last week his father sent him an e-mail and told him not to worry but to focus on doing the Lord's work. He talked about Alma and his example of courage.

H stayed home from school today. She wasn't feeling well. I think she just has a cold, this morning we weren't sure. Yesterday she left church early because we thought she had pink eye, both her eyes were red and puffy. She's also sniffly. Now she is coughing. Poor H.
While she was home we made the invitations for her party. We also went and delivered most of them. I took her to do four when we picked up S from school. After dinner she and DH went and did some. Several of the girls were also sick. Something must be going around.

Brother found a carved Chinese dragon that we got from Grandpa Thacker this last Christmas. He was looking at it and asking about dragons and how they flew and if they were real. I was answering him. He has lots of questions all the time.
As we were talking tonight I told him that dragons probably are not real. We have komodo dragons and we know about dinosaurs and stuff. Many cultures have dragon lore, which is interesting. Blah, blah, blah. After awhile he said, "that's not very scientific mom." Which cracked me up. He thinks we should know more about everything.

valentines day~ a trip down memory lane

Valentines day has never been my favorite holiday, but there is chocolate involved so really how bad can it be?

A Rose By Any Other Name has invited us to share valentines memories and I thought that sounded like great fun.

I don't remember really even knowing what V-day was until I was in elementary school. Of course then it was fun to decorate a box of some kind and to trade with other kids in the class. I remember bringing home my stash and taking them to my bed where I would dump the whole thing out and sort through them. I'd look for my favorites. Some of the kids were really cool and "in the know", they would tape candy to theirs. That was fun. Some years I cut out hearts from construction paper and made my own. Other years we'd buy a box. Either was it was fun. We ate cookies and punch at school, which was always a welcome occasion.

When I was a Junior in HS I walked out to my car valentines afternoon and found a dozen roses on the seat with a card from my BF. I thought that was the ultimate in romance! Very exciting.

Valentines day 1997 was a fun one . DH and I had gotten engaged the night before. I actually don't remember what we did to celebrate Valentines but I do remember he bought me a sapphire necklace and matching ear rings. I think he realized the error of his ways because now he had two gift giving occasions one day apart:) He would have been smart to propose the next day!

Last year for Valentines day we went to a dance. On the way we stopped at a boot store and bought his/hers cowboy boots. I love mine and had wanted to get some for awhile. They are kind of expensive so I probably never would have. It was really fun to go together and buy them and it was a thoughtful gift.

One thing I like to do for V day is get holiday shirts for the girls. It's fun to make them treats and celebrate with them. Having kids makes lots of stuff more fun. The first year we lived in TX the three girls wanted to have a party. We decided to do a Valentines party. One of the things we did was paint flower pots and plant seeds. It's one of those things they still sometimes talk about.

Last year H and I threw a mother/daughter party. We invited several of her friends from church. We had a chocolate fountain, made bead bracelets, played games and the girls ran around while them mom's visited.
She wanted to do it again this year but we decided to do a father/daughter Chinese New Year party instead. We are in the planning stage right now for that.
I have a heart shaped cake pan so sometimes I make a cake for dinner that's heart shaped. We've done jell-o jigglers, pancakes and cookies in heart shapes too. Every year it's something different. I always try and do a little something for the kids and for DH too :)