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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

senior pictures

Today is Dani's birthday. She is 23. Wow! I can't believe that. It has been such a pleasure to be her mom and now to be her friend as well. She is a wonderful woman, wife and mother. She is kind and creative and patient. She is even tempered and bright and has a cheerful friendly way about her. She is wonderful with Tate and sweet with Greg. I could not ask for a more delightful daughter.
Sierra is almost 20. Again, wow! Do we just spend our whole lives marvelling at how fast time goes??
Sierra is a lot of fun. She is a hard worker, great at math (a skill she did not inherit from me) and is always smiling. She is artistic and peaceful. I am excited to see where life takes her. Right now she is going to college and thinking about what to be, she is right on the boundary of stepping out of the nest and off on her own. I know she'll do great!

We just got Jenna's senior picture in the mail. I can not believe my little pickle is in her last year of high school. What a joy she is to me. She is friendly and good. Bright and happy. Talented beyond and fearless. She is driven and steadfast.
I feel really lucky to have such lovely older daughters. Parenting teens is 90% fun and joyful...10% worry and late nights :)
...well, maybe it's 85/15.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

family photos

We got our disk back today with our family photos on them! We had such a fun time taking them and got some great shots! I love it!!

chocolate fountain and little red riding hood

Tonight we had a combined class presidency meeting here, followed by a chocolate fountain. When the meeting was over the kids came to enjoy the treats with us.
Then we watched little red dance :)

budding photographer

Lu was our photographer for the pinewood derby/fundraiser.
It was a fun night. The boys made cakes to auction off and there was wii tournaments and car races and a great concession stand.

It was fun to hang out with friends too!
We had a busy Saturday. Making cakes, E had his first soccer game of the season, cleaning up, H had friends over.

Friday, August 27, 2010

historic st Mary's city

Headed out to historic St Mary's City today. It was quite nice. No crowds, pleasant weather, quiet stroll down shaded paths, informative reenactors.
We played some colonial games. I think E would really like trap-ball, it was a lot of fun.

The first three days of school have gone smoothly. All the kids are enjoying their classes. Jenna is excited about her history class and her environmental class, I think she got good teachers. Hannah is enjoying middle school and the little kids like their teachers too.

The hardest thing is 5:30, the time Hannah now has to wake up. The first two days Lucy got up with her, this morning we finally had a better plan. Hannah got a little basket to put in the bathroom shelf with all her stuff and loaded it up last night with her clothes and what not then she snuck out of her room and closed the door. Lu slept so I am happy with that plan.

The first day Dani and Greg and Tate and I walked to the wharf and looked around. We stopped at the little jail museum that I have never gone to and then ate lunch.
Yesterday Greg and I painted the little girls room a happy orange!
Today I am doing laundry and tonight we are making pinewood derby cars.
I have a long long long list of chores I want to start doing with me days. Organize the garage is on the list, as is the storage room, some closets, there is painting to be done and always laundry to do.
Life is good :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

first day of school

My Senior! Last first day of school and she's off to seminary and then a full day of classes!
6th grade, starting middle school. H has to catch the bus at 6:40 am. Crazy!

Sydney and Sarah and Hannah waiting for the bus.

3rd grade. He's getting big :(

Lu was so excited for kindergarten that she was up at 5:15 waiting and ready.

When we get to the bus stop the boys run straight for the field and start playing ball. They go to school muddy every day.

Mackenzie, Julia and Lucy ready to go :)

Bye! Have a great day!!! Love you!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today we celebrated Tatum's birthday. Dani planned such a cute party. It was an Under the Sea Party!
Look at the cute octopus dip she made :) and the darling fishbowl cake!!

We had Addie and Frankie as our guests and the kids blew bubbles and played throw the water balloons at E while he ran across the yard.

It was a very fun game :)

We watched Tate open her presents and ate some cake. It was a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Big One!!!

end of summer blues

Monday, August 23, 2010

my crazy brother


last night we were looking through old photos, looking for some to put in the fabulous ikea frames we bought a couple weeks ago and stumbled upon this one.
Little B, after church taking his nap with his best friend C3PO. So cute!

family photo

later this week we are having a family photo taken! I am very excited!! We are having a pro do it for us...which is good because this is what happens when we try and take them ourselves.

circa 2005

Sunday, August 22, 2010

bedtime bottle

Dani went to pick up Greg at the airport today so we get to keep out little angel over night while they see the sites in DC and enjoy a quiet evening together.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


First little b is okay. He was diagnosed with idiopathic transient synovitis. Inflammation of the joint, probably caused by a trampoline accident at his friends house. Like Tiny Tim he is on crutches and had to miss a few days of soccer. We are hoping he'll be back to normal after a few days of rest.

Poof ball directions are on Martha Stewart's website. Super easy and fun to make.

Found a car for J. It's not her dream car, meaning it's not a convertible sports car. It will be reliable and it was affordable and she will be able to get to school, seminary, college, friends, and a job on her own.

Girls are off swimming. It's hot out today.

Tate, b and I are home.

Big B and I went to the movies last night. Saw part of Eat, Pray, Love. It should have been named Eat, Pray, Snooze. I read the book. Liked it. Found it self indulgent but interesting. That did not translate well onto the screen. And I like Julia Roberts so that was a disappointment. We left after Pray.

the car, taken from the front door. I think it's cute.

Friday, August 20, 2010

party prep

this little ballerina is having a birthday party next week.
her momma has been busily making decorations and plans. So cute!

Don't the poofs remind you of the tutu fluff? :)

Big B, little b what begins with b?

baseball, basketball, broken bone all begin with "b".

My boys like balls.
They play hard.
They get hurt.
Big B took little b to the ER today. He is having a pain in his hip/underpants area and can't walk on it.

I am sure he is fine.
Trips to the hospital are expensive and painful.
I am sure the boys will still play ball.

Big B, little b, what begins with b??

Thursday, August 19, 2010

WARNING: driving w/ your children can be hazardous

Lu and I went to pick this one up yesterday and enjoyed a fun drive home. She had lots of wonderful stories to tell and at one point I literally had to pull over into a McD and laugh laugh laugh. That's twice this week! So funny!!!

She brought home a backpack full of chocolate (literally) and some lovely scarfs and a life time of wonderful memories :)

Now she needs to spend the next week reading 1776 24/7

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 year old!!

Tatum is so excited to be one today!!!
Next week when her daddy is here we are going to have a fun "under the sea" birthday!
Dani made her the cutest invitations and has planned a adorable party! Can't wait!
I am so happy to have had this time with little Tate. I love it when she walks up to me and lifts her arms so I can pick her up :)
She is a fast runner. She'll just be cruising around and then hear a door open and BOLT! and she is quick!!
She is a great eater and will try most anything we are eating. Except eggs, she thinks those are yucky, yucky and spits them out.
She is so cute when she dances and she loves to dance!
She rocks her baby, gives kisses, plays pat a cake and loves the hokey pokey.
She is a water baby
She is so good and sweet.
Thanks Dani and Greg for a perfect granddaughter, and for coming to visit so we could enjoy her so much.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The birthday girls on their big day out! E and Lu went to play at Colleen's and we were able to drive to Annapolis for a very fun mall day. H, Tate and D all have August birthdays and I wanted to pick just what they wanted for their gifts so we skipped the wrapping paper and instead hit the mall!I have never before spent 8 hours in a mall browsing and buying and people watching and eating so it was a first for me.

We had a great time. We ate at Cheesecake Factory! Yumm!! Then began our quest. H ended up buying a super cute skort and shirt, a Justin Beaber shirt, color change nail polish, two pair of jeans, some socks and a new winter coats. D got a jacket, a hoodie, a shirt, a scarf and some cute hair pins. Tate got two pair of shoes and Dani took her for a photo session at Picture People!
Whew! We were worn out shoppers at the end of the day, we didn't cover the entire mall but we were happy and enjoyed each others company. In fact on the way home I had to tell the girls to be quiet because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see the road!

Monday, August 16, 2010

kitchen staff for the birthday dinner

a birthday

We celebrated a birthday yesterday. Sweet Hannah turned 11. We had sort of a birthday weekend. On Friday night she invited two friends to sleep over. We played at the park, and went to Brusters. Ordered pizza and the girls played games and watched movies all night. It was a lot of fun for them, and easy breezy for me :)
On Sunday we had our good friends the Martines' over for a special birthday dinner. Hannah choose the menu and it was delish. After we played her new game, "would you rather" and had cake and ice cream.

Today Dani, Tate, Han and I are going to Annapolis for a day of shopping and lunch. She has some nice gift cards and is going to get some school clothes.
She has been fully celebrated, as she should be.

Hannah is a special girl and it's been such a pleasure to be her mother. The last year has been a great one for her. She has made many good friends here in Maryland and has really matured. She is kind and nurturing. Loves to read and cook and watch TV. She loves fashion and music and is excited about her life and going to middle school.

our delightful dancer

Sunday, August 15, 2010

trip of a life time

all reports from over the pond are stupendous! They are having the BEST BEST time.

Yesterday they did some shopping, and went to a baptism. They met an Elder who is such an "Awesome" pianist and he gave them a private concert. His previous audiences have included the Prince of Monaco!

Today they went to church, toured some kind of underground canals and some other's hard to remember the names when they are all french.

The girls said they want to go to boarding school in Belgium and learn french and go shopping and eat baguettes!

Glad they are having fun fun fun!! What a perfect 17th summer :)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Just chatted with Emma and Jenna and Grandma on skype. They are having a great time. They went to Gravenstein castle today, and to Brouge to do some shopping. They scoured the town for the best "frites" and went on a boat ride. They were all smiles :)


Brussels adventure day one! To read a full report go to Grandma's blog.