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Friday, November 30, 2007

C and E

Brothers??? Cousins???? Twins ???? Nope, just good friends. Not only do they have the same haircut but they have the same love of Star Wars, running wild and reading books. They are awesome boys!

one more day and we're officially into the season!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! First and most importantly....Pioneer Woman's marlboro man's chaps framed wranglers have nothing on my DH in his hanging-the -Christmas lights-levis. Nothing says "I love you dear" like a man on a ladder :) There is nothing more romantic than a list of chores getting knocked off one at a time, just for me.

Then there is all the holiday food hitting the shelves. Now I know that "merry maple" is just brown sugar and maple instant oatmeal dressed up for the holidays but come on isn't that box so cute? And doesn't it just scream wholesome goodness?
And Peppermint ice cream is DH's seasonal favorite and how do I say "I love you too!"? With food of course.

what day is it?

The days are flying by. Does that mean I'm old?

Play practice is going well. H likes her part now and is over not having the lead; and the songs to "Gingerbread Christmas" are wafting through our home.

Yesterday we had dance practice, also for H. That is coming along. The girls can't dance in a straight line so next week, our final practice, we are going to the church and dancing on the gym line. Whatever happens will be fine. They are have so much fun and are really excited!

Had parent teacher conferences this week. I always enjoy that very much because I get to hear about how great the kids are. Brother took his first set of bench mark tests. He scored 100 in science, math and language arts. H is on the A honor roll. They are doing well, and that makes my life SO much easier.

We're looking at wood today.

Kids are having friends sleep over tonight.

Went to Home Family and Personal Enrichment last night.

Lights are going up on the house!!!

Shopping is almost done.

Nana is going to make H's dress.

Started reading "Lord of the Rings", I've never read them but everyone says I just have far I don't hate it. I tried to read "the Hobbit" once before and didn't. I thought it was a snooze so we'll see.

Caught up :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We've been having some drama around here lately.

H has been waiting to audition for her school play. They have been gearing up for weeks and we thought it was going to be a couple weeks ago. Well, they finally did their auditions on Monday and yesterday she found out she got the part of the princess. I thought that was going to be a nice role for her...wrong. She was mad. She wanted the part of Katrina and her friend Ellie got it. As soon as she got in the car she started to cry. She hates princesses (news to me) and never gets the staring role and now doesn't even want Ellie to spend the night on Friday because she was Mrs Claus in first grade while H was "a stoopid elf" and now this.

Well, we talked a lot about how a good friend is happy for her friend when she does well and it was her, H, who was not being nice; not Ellie who only tried out and tried her best (as she should). And we talked about how so many kids didn't get parts and she should be glad to have one with a speaking dance role instead of being a Christmas tree or a snowflake. Hopefully she will be happy in the long run. And she will be kind. Meanwhile I get to make a Christmas princess dress now...guess I'd better get on the ball.

Christmas light drama~ unresolved.
Trip drama~ likewise.

But one problem was solved. DH has been after me to get a passport for a while. I haven't because we're not going any where and I didn't want to spend the $$. I guess I'm kind of cheap. Thrifty.
Anyway I went on Monday and got the paper work for it and came home and realized that I didn't have my birth certificate. DH realized that he has a small window of time in Jan when a trip wouldn't interfere with testing and wanted to look at doing something then. No BC and no PP though would make that difficult. So he was upset. I (with the kind assistance of Uncle Brian) did some research and trying to figure out how to solve these problems quickly.
It turned out that the reason I didn't have my birth certificate was because my mom did. I don't know why I didn't get it all these years. But luckily it was available, then I went to get an oh so flattering photo done at Horrible-Photos-R-Us. And this morning I turned in all my paper work and I should have a passport in hand shortly after Christmas. Although we are still not going anywhere...but I guess I will be ready next time.

Went VT to see Haylee and Rachel last night. We had a fun time. Lucy had a great time.
Went to playgroup at McD today. Fun time had by all.

Play practice starts today...hoping it will go well.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Some of S's art

scratch off

our to school, looking so handsome

hey, I'm his mom I can say that if I want to :)
He said to me this evening:
mom you know that joke M told at Halloween? Well I just got it.
What joke is that bub?
How many toucan's can ride on a bicycle?
Two can.
Get it there is two can in the word toucan.
Oh yea, that was funny.
Yep mom that's funny.

i don't get it

explain this:
why is it that last week, that would be the week of fall break, the children woke up EVERY morning before the sun rose and scampered happily off to watch TV, or bounced cheerfully on our bed with their "boups" but this week, the week we go back to school, I am dragging them from their beds while they rub their eyes, yawn and stretch and claim to be "soooo tired"????

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.
Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.

tonight we took our Christmas card pictures...

This was not the winner...although I did like it.
this was also not the winner, obviously. The one we chose was the kids favorite. I'll post it after we send them out.

musings at the start of the season

There are many things I love about Christmas time. I love the cold crisp air. Normally I hate to be cold but at Christmas it's acceptable. On Thanksgiving afternoon we were walking in to the the house from our turkey bowl and S and I said to each other "it smells like snow", a few hours later we were pleased to find our sniffers correct and we got a few flurries. Snow seems very Christmasy. I personally have never lived anywhere where it's snowed on Christmas, or snowed at all fore more than a day, but it still seems quintessentially Christmasy to have snow and I have been in Ohio when we've had snow on Christmas and it was the best! So the weather outside is cold and that seems appropriate.

I love Christmas music. I even don't mind the cheesy rock and roll stylized music they play in the mall. It's not my favorite but it adds to the ambiance. I like candy canes and hot chocolate and egg nog. I look forward to baking treats, decorating gingerbread houses and putting up our tree. I love the first Presidency Christmas devotional and our ward Christmas party. I love Christmas specials on TV and am looking forward to rounding out my personal Santa Claus collection with the 3rd movie "the Escape Clause".

There are some things I don't love. I love gifts and giving them. I don't love trying to do it on a "budget". We have an annual "discussion" at our house. How much to spend on gifts. One of us wants to spend more than the other and one of us wants to stay in our budget (which is a good thing). Another annual discussion is Christmas lights on the house. I love them. The kids love them. I think it says to the world, Yes! we are Christian. Why that is called into question is beyond me, and subject for another post. But still I like that announcement. It also says "we are not scrooges". DH doesn't ever love to put up lights. I don't really know why but it's like pulling teeth every year. This year we have a new roof and new gutters and he doesn't want to ruin them by putting up the lights. I don't think it will ruin them...but I don't know, not being a roofing expert of any sort. I also don't like fruit cake, or rampant commercialization.

I do love reading Christmas stories, seeing the kids dressed up in their Christmasy best, waking up early on Christmas morning to the shiny excited faces of the kids, singing carols, bringing treats to our friends, getting treats, Christmas cards and most of all that extra feeling of goodwill and cheer that seems to be everywhere (except maybe the mall :) ) at Christmas time.

And for the record DH and I went out Christmas shopping for our date last night. And we had a very fun time (both of us) and got a lot of our list done. Then we ate gingerbread at Soup or Salad and went to see August Rush (which he liked and I thought was slow and kind of dumb).

As for the lights...we'll see. DH is thinking of doing something on the lawn, which would be okay but I think we can't just put one reindeer out there and call it good, we'd need a herd or something...which wouldn't fit the budget...which...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~Clarence Budinton Kelland

I don't know who Clarence Budinton Kelland is but I liked this quote. I wonder what lessons I am teaching my children? I am sure I would be surprised by some that I didn't intend. Hopefully I will be pleased with some that I did. You can't, unfortunately hide anything from your children.

Friday, November 23, 2007

in review

This guy was outside our hotel room when we went on our dream Disney vacation this summer. It was so fun to wake up and see them outside quietly eating.
Contrast that with this morning, I woke up to the sight of Lucy and her "boop". "Read dis me momm, I wann pupu milt momm, I cold momm." So being the nice wife that I am I slipped out of my warm bed, leaving brother and DH behind to slumber on in warmth and quiet and went out to the computer room to wrap Lu and I in blankets with her cup of purple milk and her book.

We've had a good week with all the kids home. We went to the zoo once, did some cleaning up, went to the park a couple times, baked, took the missionaries to CiCi's pizza, the big girls and I went to see Enchanted (which we loved), went visiting teaching, had thanksgiving and hit the stores.

Tonight we ate left-overs, played Killer Bunnies with H and E (and there was no crying...but DH did win so....just kidding, Brother was a little sad because he has never won, for some reason he still likes to play) and tucked everyone in early. J had her friends over this afternoon and now they are spending the night at Sofie's house. S is out with some of her friends.

Thursday, November 22, 2007



This morning started out cold and we weren't sure how many people would show up.  When we started playing though everyone got warmer and eventually we had a good crowd and everyone had a fun time! ... See my Tabblo>

Thanksgiving Snow


10pm. Kids tucked into bed, fridge loaded with left overs. A good day of celebrating is done.

We went to the church this morning and played turkey bowl soccer. It was cold but fun.

We had tons of yummy food. After soccer we came home and finished getting ready and straightening up. Finally Julia and her family came and we were visiting and looking at Cierra's engagement pictures on the computer when we looked out the window and it was snowing! FUN!

Papa and Grandma arrived while the kids were dancing outside and then we had dinner. The kids had a great time playing together. The adults and big kids played Catch Phrase and sat and visited.
We were blessed with good food, good company and a good day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the day before

Tabblo: Fall Fun

Lucy and H got sent outside to play.  It's chilly but not too bad.  They love the sand box.  I don't love the mess but it's worth it to have them get some fresh air !(read:get them out of my hair ;) ) ... See my Tabblo>


my stove and kitchen. They'll get a work out today and tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

today I am grateful fo

quiet moments spent with a book. Some thing about that time brings out a sweetness between parent and child.
For example:
Lucy loves for me to read to her, in fact this morning I woke up to her sweetly tapping the corner of her book on my closed eyes saying "you read dis me?"
When we read she often will "pick up" treats from the pages and "feed" them to me, or she'll "scoop up" the baby and rock it in her arms and sing "rock the baby." She has a good imagination and books really spark it for her.

A couple days ago Lu was in the bath and brother came in with a stack of books. He plopped himself down with his head on my leg and we began to read. He likes to think in math (weird I know) and was really enjoying the part of the book where the m&m's get grouped into different units that equal 12. Like 6 groups of 2, 3 groups of 4, and so forth. We had read several pages and he sat up, held up his hand and said "shhh mom, let me think a minute" Then he said, I think next is 2 groups of 6. And he was right.

Reading with my bigger girls (H is included in this) gives me many opportunities to discuss right and wrong, good and bad, character traits that are admirable, and those that aren't. While talking about lesson's Scout learned from watching Atticus, a man of noble character, we can highlight those traits we value and want for our children to emulate in a totally non-pointing-a-finger at you kind of way. In seeing Harry and Hermione and Ron struggle to fight against evil we can talk about the importance of finding good friends and working together for what's right and we can talk about how they might have been helped along the way if they had asked trusted adults for advice and help. Two good lessons without saying "do you really think _____ helps you make good choices" or "call me if you get in trouble". NOT that I don't' say that's just less personal and there is no defensiveness in the conversation so it reinforces our real life conversations.

and I could go on forever!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Which Sci Fi Crew do you belong on

Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
created with
You scored as Moya (Farscape)

You are surrounded by muppets. But that is okay because they are your friends and have shown many times that they can be trusted. Now if only you could stop being bothered about wormholes.

Moya (Farscape)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


SG-1 (Stargate)


Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Serenity (Firefly)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)


My Dad~ blessing number 19

Happy Birthday Dad!! Today my dad is 68 years young. We celebrated last night since he has to work today.
My gratitude today is for my dad, like Nephi of old I can truly say that I have been born of goodly parents. Dad is always cheerful and helpful. I can count on one hand the number of times, in my life, that I can remember him getting mad. Really mad. There were the occasional sort of mads like when my brother set the desert on fire by our house, when my brother cut my other brothers finger off, when we forgot to wipe our mouths with our napkins at the dinner table, when we laughed hysterically and irreverently during family prayer (aren't kids a delight?)...little things like that :) Mostly though Dad is always even tempered and patient.

He is a hard worker. When he came to the US as a teenager, by himself and speaking no English, it was hard to find a job. Dad worked as a gardener, in a fish market, as a grave digger and as a house painter while he went to school to become a teacher. He has always taught at least two different jobs and then came home and worked in the home. He always acts like work is a blessing and will jump in to do any job any time.

He is a patriot. Dad loves America, the land of promise. He served in the military even though he was not yet an American citizen. He votes and obeys the laws of the land and tries to make our country strong.

Dad is funny and fun to be with. He's always up for a game or a story or a walk. And he makes the kids feel special and important because he likes to spend time with them. He did that when we were little too and to this day we "argue" over who is dad's favorite, each of thinking it's them (except me I know it's me;))

Dad is smart, he knows everything, obscure rivers in China, he knows their names, how many miles away the sun is, knows it, how to make crepes, check, what planet Spock comes from, got it.

Dad is fit. He walks and plays and keeps himself in shape.

Dad is a Christ-like man, he's a scriptorian, and he walks the walk.

Love you dad. I feel very blessed to have you as my dad, to have you as a Papa for my kids and to have your example in my life.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Number eighteen

Yvonne gave me this sweet award "The Colors of Friendship".

I will pass this wonderful award on to some women who I only know through the blogging world, but who I feel would be "real" friends: Wendy, Tori and Amber.

Today I am grateful for friends, real and imaginary :)

what a real Sunday is like:

My sweet angels are wound up little tornadoes today. The weather outside is warm and sunny and the TV is banned so they are bouncing off the walls waiting for church to start. I am going to be happy come January when we switch to an 8:30 start time. I thought we had tithing settlement at noon and just found out it's not until after church so we're ready to go really early too.

To keep them occupied I suggested writing letters to Santa, you know to beat the December rush. H, who almost doesn't believe but is a little unsure and probably not willing to take the chance is asking for clothes and moon sand and wouldn't mind a horse but is realistic enough to realize that's probably not going to happen.

E wants transformers, a Wii, and Star Wars stuff and a trampoline. (he also asked for a pocket knife and a long shot gun~ neither of which he will get)
Lucy wants a purple baby and stroller, and a princess kitchen.
Yesterday was dinner groups. We had a host get sick at the last moment and I had to scramble to get everything rearranged. Hopefully it turned out well. The group I was in was very fun. Michelle made halibut that was delicious! Best Halibut ever, and I like fish :) After dinner we played Wii and that was so fun, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I would totally be into having one for our family to play together. It was hysterical to watch all these grown ups play and Rhonda was our sleeper, she totally rocks at it! SO funny!
DH took the kids to Dallas for a Karate seminar. I think they had a good time. I haven't seen the pictures yet but I am sure I will. I hope they feel it was worth it because it was a little on the expensive side. Spending time together is good though so...what are you going to do?
I went to a book party in the morning, dangerous. Lu and I did some Christmas shopping there. We're whittling away at our list.
Tonight E and H are going to spend the night with Emmeline and Mitchell. They are really excited. They will stay and play for most of the day tomorrow. The rest of us are going to mom's to eat her left overs. She was the one who was supposed to host and was sick so now she has all this food leftover, which is lucky for us, but a bummer for her :( Being sick is no fun. Tomorrow is Dad's birthday so we'll do a little celebration tonight.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I feel so bad

We have a hectic schedule around here and have to write things down to remember who goes where when. Well yesterday we had several things on the calendar and we forgot one. H was supposed to go sailing with her Activity Day class. She had been counting down all week and was so excited. DH, H and I all knew about it. All were planning on it. All were together that day and still when the time came we somehow had a collective memory glitch and completely forgot. This morning H walked into our room and said we forgot to go sailing.
Oh no!

I am sad because she was really really looking forward to it. How she forgot completely baffles me. How I forgot is par for the course, but still darn!


I am grateful for 17 crazy friends to have dinner with last night. We had a girls night and filled the table. We went to Olive Garden and although our server was sub par we had a fun time laughing and talking and my soup was very good. It was fun to sit by some of the newer sisters in our ward and to get to know them better.

Friday, November 16, 2007

walk on the wild side

DH and I went on a field trip with H today. We went to the zoo. Our favorite! It was a zoo, so many kids were there that it was kind of crazy. Luckily our group to watch was small.

We always see the flamingos first, they are by the front entrance.
Today we saw bear cubs (so cute). Lots of monkeys, kangaroos, snakes and bats. The works.
Lucy loved being out with H and her friends.

Here she is getting a lift from her big sister.
Peyton, Lucy, H, Isaiah, Eric and Justice. Our little group.

Eventually she had to hop on my shoulders so we could keep track of her.

It was perfect weather. Cool but comfortable.
Everyone had an awesome time!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

a typical night in a blessed life

Tonight I went to tuck my babies in their beds. Lucy had gotten a new pair of jammies this afternoon, pink with snowmen on them. She was excited to put them on. After she was changed and ready for bed we sat on the couch and read "The Beaver Story" and "Santa gets Dressed". Brother came over to listen. Then I carried her to her bed and asked what songs she wanted. Like every night she answered "hush the baby, rock the baby, mickey mouse". I sang to her and helped her say her prayers then went to track down brother. He got ready, brushed his teeth, went to the bathroom and came in for his stories. He chose Nato Fighters (as usual), The Kiss that Missed (one of our favorites) and a Berenstain Bear book. After stories he said his prayers and then I was off to find H. She took a little longer but finally got tucked in. Three babies, wearing warm jammies, sleeping in comfortable beds with books by their sides and full tummies.
Next I loaded the dishwasher then J called me to help her look for something on the computer. We spent some time laughing and looking up birth stones and other things. Then she left to play the piano and I stayed on the computer. I was listening to her in the other room, she's been working on Rhapsody in Blue and it's coming along. Suddenly she sounded so awesome, I jumped up and ran out to see what kind of ivory miracle happened on that keyboard. The Elders had arrived and it turns out that Elder Anderson is a great pianist and Elder Blake plays the trumpet. They each played, and so did DH. Like the pied piper this drew H out of her room to listen. We enjoyed a few moments of musical entertainment and then they left and we went back to what we were doing.
All day I have thought about this post that I read this morning. About another mother, in another country, living a very different life. I don't know why I am so lucky to have all the things I need and all the things my children need, when others have nothing. The unfairness of it makes me cry. I can not imagine sitting on the floor of my home, holding my baby as she fitfully sleeps through survives the night waiting for the sun to rise, hungry and cold and knowing that tomorrow won't be better, or the next day.
I do know that like the sun that rises to bring us light and a new day, the Son of God rose and will bring us new life. Somehow He'll make it fair for He loves her as much as me. And in the meantime I can try and do something good with my life, something that justifies my extreme blessings, no, something that at least shows that I recognize that I am blessed and that I don't want to waste it.
So tonight I am grateful for carpet under my feet, a pillow beneath my head, a refrigerator full of food and the luxury of being able to give my children the things they need to thrive. And most of all I am grateful for the Son of God.
...and tonight I pray, for her who does not have all.

fashion statement or plea for recreation?

Why is Lucy dressed like this when it's cold outside and there is no chance I'll take her swimming? Optimism, delusion...because she feels like it? I don't know but I do know that it came in the mail a couple days ago, we had left it at Nana's this summer and our friend Pete had it all this time. I laughed when I got it since we will be seeing him in a few weeks and it would have been just as useful then as it is now but still it was nice of him to mail it. And Lucy has been wearing it since. "I go swimming" is an oft repeated phrase around here. I have to dress her every time we go outside because as soon as we are back in the house she strips


Last night the mutual kids came over here on a service scavenger hunt. It was very fun. The swept the porch and cleaned the windows and took out the trash! They can come over any time. I hope that group won cause they were awesome!

Lu and I also went to playgroup.

Today I went to brother's class to help with the Thanksgiving feast. I like to go, it's really fun to see him with his friends and to participate in the fun things he does.

This afternoon we have the girls over for dance practice and tonight DH is going on splits with the missionaries.


Today I am grateful for getting to bed early last night. I hit the sheets before 10 and this morning woke up before my alarm ready for the day. I love 8 hours!! (not that it happens often but when it does I remember how great it is :) )

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

and not to be left out...

Lu's first Christmas! I can't believe it's in 5 weeks and some days. I need to get on the ball!!

Brother's First Christmas 2002


One more week until the big day. We're ready. We have the whole week off of school next week and we are excited! The kids want to have friends over. On Wednesday we're having the missionaries over but I am thinking of taking them to CiCi's. Thursday IS the big day. There is shopping to do and hopefully a movie to see. Christmas lights to hang, and sleeping in to do. Very fun.

Grandma is doing the turkey and gravy.

I am making mashed potatoes, pretzel salad, stuffing, pumpkin pie, blueberry pie, olives, ice cream and cool whip (some of these things I am obviously getting and not actually making.

Julia is doing the marshmallow salad, tolls rolls, green bean casserole, grasshopper pie, pecan pie and cranberry sauce.

I am toying with the idea of trying PW butternut squash and maybe something chocolate.

Can you tell I've been "dieting" and I have to use that word rather loosely. I am trying but there are so many eating occasions this time of year. Still it's better not to put off even if I can't give it 1000% just yet.

thinking of what to do...

It's time to think about our annual Christmas card. What kind of torture will I put my children through this year (brwah haha haha haha)
This is our attempt in 2001. Cute, uncooperative, crazy. That pretty much sums up every year.

This year will be weird because we won't have Dani in it. Now she's a family with Greg and I guess they'll take their own pictures. Hopefully Greg will be able to get Dani to cooperate :) If I was thinking about it I would have snapped one in Disney with everyone to use...but who's thinking about Christmas in June? Note to self: think about Christmas in June next time

today's is shallow

#14 I am grateful for the TV Remote and the em!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

no cavities, no more hair, and a huge list of must haves for camping

Today we babysat Carson while his mom went on a field trip. He got to come with us to brother's dentist appointment (no cavities!!) Lucy got to go in with him and watch, it was her training appointment, next time we go they will both have check ups. All three kids got balloons and E got a toothbrush.
Then we drove through McD and on to Julia's to plan our Thanksgiving feast. The kids had a great time playing with her boys and didn't want to leave. When we got home we invited K over to play. Then Carson got picked up and his brother Mason stayed to play with K and E.

DH, E and H had karate and Lucy and I went with J to an equipment meeting for Packard. DH came and got Lu so they could all go to bed.

Then I came home to this:

S got a hair cut!! I call this photo "Mom, stop taking pictures of me!"

It's cute, but soo different we'll all have to get used to it. She hasn't had bangs in a long time and they cut off about 8 inches from the length. Wow!