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Friday, January 07, 2011

cookies and cars

Tonight's baking project! All the kids begged for one more sleep over, since it was finally the weekend. Sydney, also joined the gang tonight :) They are baking cinnamon muffins, and already we've baked oatmeal cookies. I think it will be a sugary night.
Last night J was driving home from work and a little old lady pulled out into traffic and into Jenna :( She had to call the police and luckily a very nice couple stopped to help them. Poor Rasputin (her car). J is smiling in the photo but she wasn't happy she actually suffers from a terrible personality disorder that she inherited from her mother~ when something goes wrong she laughs. When I broke my ankle I cracked up, when I hit my neighbors cat and killed it I laughed my head off, when I am upset or angry I smile or laugh. It's embarrassing and inappropriate and apparently hereditary because J does the same thing. Sorry J. Anyway, she was upset and shaken up but unhurt. We have had some bad car karma lately.

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Yvonne said...

Oh, I'm feel sorry for J about her car.

Now the personality disorder--I have it, too. I am mortified because of it. If I am with someone and they fall I burst out laughing. I think it's a nervous habit--one I would REALLY, REALLY like to break. Any suggestions????