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Sunday, January 09, 2011


eyes are closed because of the flying pillow.
E had a soccer game, his team was spanked. He was sad.

Many friends slept over.

We made a rainbow of pancakes colors in the morning.

Big took the sub for an oil change, found out it has some kind of a leak. (READ: $500 repair)

We made Lucy's birthday party invitations and handed them out.

Little went to a bowling birthday party.

H was sick :(

Big and I chaperoned the stake dance.

Our ward was in charge of decorations so we got to go early and stay late. It turned out nicely though.

J has a new friend, who is a boy, who is cute and tall. I tried to take their picture but they were busy ducking from Ethan launched projectiles (pillows, ping pong balls), he was quite obnoxious (E) Cameron was quite nice.

Went to church.

Talks were good.

Went to cub committee meeting and VT interview.

Big is going to go help prepare Bro Smith for burial and then we are going to the Wilson's for dinner.

Time flies.


Yvonne said...

Busy, busy--AS USUAL ; )

That is one tall young man.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

that is pretty tall! he looks pretty cute. But then your girls are gorgeousness-

I haven't decided which is harder for teens- older siblings who act obnoxious or younger siblings? I hear that my brothers (younger for me) tortured the life out of my future BIL's who married my younger sisters. Since I only had one older sister and we got married a few months apart- I don't have personal experience with that- just the younger siblings and now watching my younger three with their brother and his fiance-

nikko said...

Car repairs: :o( (Sorry!)

Cute, tall boys: :o)

Glad you had a busy, fun weekend!