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Saturday, January 15, 2011

getting started on this years deductable

our family practice doc is never available and our kids are always sick. Not a good combo. I miss the days of the CVS walk in nurse clinic. What a brilliant money saving idea that one is.

So Han was sick Sat-Tues. E got sick on Tues and is still sick today. Lu had a one day mystery virus that went away.
Big started us off a couple weeks ago. I have in now. S & J have been sniffle, cough, cold free (knock on wood)
E has been lingering and lingering so we're off to do a strep culture.
In other news H went to a fun B-day party for her friend Julia and Lu went to a fun party for her friend Emily. Emily's family rented out the base movie theater and invited the entire Kindergarten class and their families for movies and popcorn and drinks and cake and present fun. It was a wild time, much enjoyed by the munchkins.
It's cold out. Millie isn't getting walked, due to the inclement weather (a-hem) and now is eating stuff in the house.

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