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Friday, February 20, 2009

goats: day 2 of 3

These baby lambs were so cute :) This weekend is the Jr Stock Show. It's been busy. Yesterday they moved all the animals over to the Will Rogers Coliseum and got them weighed and settled in. It was a day of errands as we got enough bedding and hauled over food and water and buckets and all we needed. Renaldo ended up in the medium dairy group.
Today was the showing. J and Renaldo got 7th! in their class. That means they made sale and we'll go back tomorrow and see how much he fetches. If he didn't make it he would have been sold per pound.

Don't mock me, if we weren't moving I totally would have bought this for my cowboy bathroom. They had lots of fun crafts and baked goods for display, judging and sale.

It was quite a fun event. There were all kinds of animals being shown, goats and swine and sheep and cows and rabbits and chickens. Beloved and I got to watch and run a bunch of J related errands :) (buy her and her friends lunch at Taco Bell, go pick up dance tickets, go get church clothes from home, half an hour away, that she forgot...)Still and in all it was a positive experience all around. If we weren't moving I'd sign all the kids up to raise something again next year it was that much fun. Just a little tip, if you should go to a stock show, do not lean up against a goat cage. If you do you might get a little goat bite on the butt. Not that that happened to me, I'm just saying it might. So watch out.
While running errands we did get to stop at Dos Gringos for lunch, fun. I had never been and the food was excellent. We shared a fried ice cream for dessert that was so yummy. Years ago when my little brother was baptized we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that was over on Sierra Hwy, whose name escapes me now, and we had fried ice cream which I thought was so heavenly. I have never had such good fried ice cream again...much to my disappointment. This one matched the yumminess in my memory though. I will have to go back again soon :)
Tonight J is on the youth temple trip so we had to rush over and get her there. E is off playing, S is at laser tag, Lu is sleeping and H is reading. We have a quiet house.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

It's all So cute:)

Yvonne said...

I bet that was a great experience for J. Does she have any kind of attachment to Renaldo??? Is it hard for her to let him go.

As always, sounds like you have so much going on.

I've never tried fried ice cream.

Natalie said...

That Renaldo is so much bigger. J took good care of him and I'm so glad that he sold. You are always so busy. Love all of your pictures.

nikko said...

Renaldo is a cutie. Congrats on 7th!