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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Fun

Valentine Fun. I am H's room mom, and I was subbing, but I saw an announcement saying all the parties would be at 2pm so I figured I'd be safe in music and could come over and room mom it up anyway. Well, I was wrong. All the parties, except 2nd grade, who have their specials last, were at 2. I think it turned out okay anyway. I brought plates and cupcakes and cookies and goodie cups and made a game and brought everything and Mrs. Alsup ran that party, and H helped her set up, which I think she liked. We went early that morning to school so she could "heart attack" her door and we had a box that she decorated and her valentines. So it turned out well. Lu went to a other G's house and they both went to a party at Landon's. Lu was thrilled, they decorated cookies, and exchanged Valentines and had a craft and played :). Brother also had a box, and a stack of valentines and had a party. At school they sold "valentine-grams" and H had bought him one, and so did Mason. He was super excited to get two!!!

Valentine night. E went to a party at Ethan's home and had pizza and raced around with a bunch of other little boys.

H was very excited to go to a special party at A & B's home. They made poppers and decorated cookies and had a great time.

Em and J went to a gymnastics meet at the HS and are now considering careers as professional gymnasts :) just kidding.

After everyone was done with every thing we headed to the Black's backyard to roast marshmallows and sit around the fire chatting. It was cold and fun. This morning when Brother came sliding into bed with me to wrap his little cold feet around my warm legs he smelled like a campfire and a toasty marshmallow. Not unpleasant at all.

This morning we had a special Valentines breakfast, completely with boxes of chocolates for all. We took turns telling everyone what well loved about them and toasted the institution of family with some OJ.

Today was karate day. While everyone was gone Lu, Pickle and I went to the mall to look for a snowball dress. Many stores, a few tears, a lost sweatshirt (Lu's), two ice cream cones and several hours later we came home with this :

Super pretty. Now I just need to find a pretty silver shrug to go with it...or make one...anyone want to help with that little project?? Nikko??

Tonight Beloved and I will hit the town:) and go dancing (at the stake adult dance)


chellie said...

Seriously beautiful!

Happy V-Day!

Natalie said...

Wow beautiful J. Just get a piece of fabric you (she) likes and cut to size and shape you life. Then all you have to do it hem it. super easy.
Your day sounds like a lot of fun.
Love n' hugs

nikko said...

What a fun Valentine's party day.

The dress is very pretty. I would love to help with a shrug. :o)

Yvonne said...

Love the idea of toasting to family ; )

Sounds like a fun party.

Your daughter looks lovely--I'm sure you'll not have any problem making a shrug.

utmommy said...

Fun party!

J of course looks beautiful.