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Sunday, February 01, 2009

i love to see the temple

After seeing the memorials we drove up to see the temple. It was beautiful and majestic and so wonderful to see. It's tall and castle like and the grounds are wooded and peaceful.
I can't wait to go inside. I wonder if some of the children will get married in this temple. I look forward to youth baptism trips. And, of course, to date nights with Beloved to come together to the house of the Lord.


lera said...

That's MY temple! :-)

The Wendler Family said...

I LOVE the DC temple! It is just beautiful! Nice pictures.

Yvonne said...

It is such a beautiful temple.

Playful Professional said...

It is beautiful. Sorry I never got back to you on a place to eat. I have lots of ideas if you still need them!

Colleen said...

That is my favorite temple. I haven't ever gotten to go inside, but when I was growing up we took a family trip to DC and I fell in love with it just from the visitor's center!