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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

almost trip

what a busy couple of days we've had. I had to take our car in for repairs, several times, and we were cleaning and packing and I am helping Nicole with our ward Christmas party so we had to find time for that.

This morning I ran to McKay's for some trip food and as I was walking through the aisles I was so happy that I wasn't filling my cart with Thanksgiving dinner stuff.

Meanwhile Beloved was taking H back to the doctor. She has just not gotten well. Last Thursday she went to her concert and had already been on antibiotics and we thought she was on the mend, Friday she went to school. Friday night she felt awful. The weekend found her laying on the couch not wanting to eat and just not feeling good at all.
Yesterday I called the doctor, I just didn't feel like she was getting well as quickly as she should. Today she went in and sure enough she still has strep and she is very dehydrated. They almost sent her to the ER to get an IV but she promised to drink a lot and we got a stronger antibiotic.

We hoped she could watch movies and sip Gatorade on the drive to Ohio and all would be well.

We were in the car about half an hour when she said she felt nauseous and we pulled over and got the window down just in time for her to throw up all over the road. Then she felt good so we headed off again.

...half an hour later we were in a gas station bathroom and she was throwing up. Poor Baby:(

At that point we decided we had to head home, she's just too sick and we couldn't have her throwing up in the car when really she was about ready to spend the night hooked up to IV fluids anyway.

So amidst much crying and upset we headed home...and I headed back to McKay's to fill my cart with turkey and fixins.

I have a very small hope that she might do so well tonight that we can head up in the morning (with all the day before Thanksgiving nightmare traffic) but just in case we are prepared. And the important thing is that she feel better and get better. She's been sick for 13 days now :(


Debby said...

Hope she's feeling better soon.

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness what a roller coaster for all of you! I'm sorry to hear that. Hope she gets well soon! Oh and thanks SO much for the help with the ward Christmas party. You are amazing! ;)

matt and michelle ray said...

Poor baby! I hope she feels better and you guys can take your trip! And if not then just walk over here Thanksgiving night and have some pie with us!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Oh my poor H i hope she is better soon i hope I didn't cinch it w/ my previous comment;

nikko said...


Poor H. It is no fun to be sick!

Yvonne said...

Poor little H. I am so sorry--I hope she is feeling better really soon.