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Thursday, April 01, 2010

april fools

today is sunny and warm...I hope it's not another trick of the weather and that it's here to stay.

for us spring break has been a bit of an April fools. Hannah is miserable and I am nagging all the time "H take a drink", "take another drink, honey", "drink up muffin", "drink, drink, drink".

E and G are playing together or playing "cinderella with me", which means we've cleaned a few closets and drawers and pottys.

Tomorrow Em&Jen come here. I think I'm going to sneak on the metro with them when they arrive and spend an hour or two looking at old Abe, and some cherry trees before heading home.

Hopefully on Saturday Beloved will want to take E and G to see "How to Train Your Dragon". They have been anxious to do something fun and really want to see it but H is not up to even going to a movie at this point. We have to split up the fun this week.

Sharon warned me that it's a good 1o days before a 10 year old feels better. Poor H.

I am very glad that the playground is right across the street. I have been giving H her meds and drinks and then running over there with E&G. I can easily go back and forth and check on everyone. We picked a good lot location.


Debby said...

I hope H feels better soon. Sounds like you still have accomplished a lot this week. Enjoy the rest of Spring Break.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

you are so good at making lemonade from lemons :)

Misa said...

I love the "playing Cinderella"!! I'll have to remember that one!

Natalie said...

Poor H.. I hope she feels better really soon. Love you guys.

Yvonne said...

I hear "How To Train Your Dragon" is very good.

Hope H feels better.

Have a wonderful Easter.

utmommy said...

Poor H:(