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Friday, April 02, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

So today was an off Friday and Beloved stayed with the kids and helped H recuperate while I drove to the airport to pick up Jen&Em.
We hopped right on the metro and headed down to the mall.

It is cherry blossom season and it was so pretty. It was warm out, which made me happy, and we had fun walking around and taking in the sights.


We took a few minutes to see some of the memorials. We saw the Washington, Lincoln, WWII and Korean War memorials. The mall was crowded!

Riding the metro was like being in a can of sardines :) It was a very fun afternoon however and not at all stressful. Going there with girls big enough to cross the street without getting squashed, and not having to drive make it a relaxing fun outing.

Beautiful blossoms. I didn't know but Japan gifted us with 3000 trees which are planted around the tidal basin and they are quite lovely.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

how nice what great pictures of the blossoms and the beautiful girls- I am glad we live in America

The two old crows said...


Yvonne said...

Those are beautiful.

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

How fun. we are enjoying the blooming trees next door in DE too. So pretty.