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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Girl fun

Tonight during the Priesthood session of conference the YW, and their moms, met at the Henderson's. We had a fun fire to sit around and a fun climbing wall. This picture was before everyone got there.

Trying out the wall


Alexis made it to the top!...and then didn't want to come down:)

Emma was a monkey!
The girls had a fun time, most of them scaled the wall with no problem:)
J and E had a sporty day, they played tennis, rode bikes to the dock, went to the mall (not THE mall, just a mall), went climbing and now they are out to have some karaoke fun.
B2 spent the day playing as well. They went to see "How to Train Your Dragon", then to 5 Guys and to buy some shoes for little b. This evening they went to play basketball and eat ice cream with the men and then to watch conference together.

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