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Friday, May 21, 2010

good morning

H came in my room this morning and reminded me it was muffins with moms day. I had forgotten and was glad she didn't. We hopped up and got everyone showered and ready, then headed over. It was very nice. Yummy muffins, juice, a few minutes to visit. The best part was each family got to take home a new book. We were walking by the tables with the books spread out on them and I spotted BeeBimBop out of the corner of my eye. We quickly selected it and went on our way celebrating our good luck. I had checked that out of the library some time ago and we loved it, so cute and fun to read because it has a fun skipping cadence. We even made BeeBimBop. Then I took it back to the library and could never find it again, we looked many times, and even looked at book stores. I had given up and then today: ta da, there it was!

Also, further good news, on the way to J's school is an osprey nest with a mated pair and their chicks. I love to look at them. A couple days ago J told me that one of the adults was on the road and got hit by a car! Oh, how sad that news was. We looked up at the one lone bird as we drove by and wondered how it could go on, and how it would take care of it's babies. This morning I saw two adults!! I think maybe the dead bird was a different osprey, which is still sad, but not as sad as one of my family of birds being dead.

What else? Had a good "monthly night of ministry" last night, also planned a quickie trip to Gettysburg that should be fun and the sun is shining!

It is a good morning :)


Yvonne said...

Muffins with moms day sounds like such fun.

Glad it wasn't your little family of birds that died.

A trip to gettysburg would be great. Hope you enjoy it.

Have a great weekend.

Debby said...

Have a great time in Gettysburg. Gary and I enjoyed our last trip there.