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Monday, May 24, 2010

had a good weekend. Saturday night Big B and I went on a date, we had Mexican food and walked on the pier watching the fish jump and birds fly and had a good chat about life. He has been working, a lot, so we had catching up to do. It's good though, that's what we came here to do and I want a new couch so the overtime is good;) The kids had various parties and activities and we had the usual hopping for thing to thing time.

Church was excellent, we had good talks and lessons and it was good to just go. It's always a spiritual boost and buoy for the next week.
We had BYD which was also good. I love serving with the youth and out Bishopric is awesome.

Dani and Sierra are in Fort Worth doing some visiting. I am anxious to hear how everyone is. Marcia was so nice to send me these cute photos. I love this one of Sierra...and it answers and mystery we were trying to solve earlier, which was "where is Jenna's new green dress?" Note: when you "borrow" something from your sister, don't get photographed in it.

Went to the doctor this morning, it was a regular check up on my meds and I was very excited to learn that I am hypothyroid! I have been feeling so tired and my brain hasn't been working right (for example the other day I was in the shower and I usually soap up my bod and shave and whatever then shampoo and then I'm done, however this time I was looking forward to the shampooing because I had a new flavor to try and so I did that first, then the rest and then I couldn't' remember if I'd washed my hair or not and had to open the door and check in the mirror. How dumb is that?!) and I've just felt scattered, which are all symptoms but a side effect of losing your cognitive abilities is you might not put 2 and 2 together very quickly so I didn't think and then this morning my TSH was skyrocketing and now a simple adjustment and all should be well! yeah!

In other good news, Addie called me like 4 times this morning on Colleens phone, so I thought something was up and went over to see. (Addie is 2) and she just had the phone out and was walking around with it. When I got to Michelle's there was a weekly couponing meeting happening so I sat in and got some coupons and am thinking about maybe giving it a go. One coupon I got was for a $25 gift card at CVS when you bring in a new script, and I happened to have two new ones thanks to my morning adjustment so I went to CVS and got $50 back!! Yeah!!!

Now we're off to the elementary school for a patriotic tribute to our troops and tonight we're having some friends over for dinner.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

hehe- I did that once with a sweater of my sister's. I had my senior pictures take in it- oops. She wasn't all too happy with me, but I seriously didn't think it was any big deal (I didn't take it on a trip- just an afternoon appointment)

good deal on the coupons-

Yvonne said...

LOL at getting photographed in a dress you "borrowed" ; )

Such a beautiful girl.

Good job on the coupons.

Hope the meds help get everything squared away.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Hypo means function? cool! how can I do that? weight loss?
Funny about the dress I did ask if I could take their picture:) Sorry sierra didn't mean to bust you:)