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Friday, December 31, 2010


To celebrate the end of another year we took a fun trip down to DC. We saw this Chinese dance troupe at the temple visitors center. They were really good and we enjoyed the show very much. We also looked at their creches from around the world. My favorites were from Poland and from South Africa, but they were all beautiful!
After we went "tail-gateing". We brought a gott full of hot water and hot chocolate and cookies and planned a treat for the parking lot. We happened to run into the Hendricksons and invited them to join us at our car. The kids loved running in the Christmas lights and drinking chocolate and eating cookies with friends.

This was my favorite of the dozen or so trees they had set up. It's a "Maryland" tree with crab ornaments and a lighthouse on top and other oceany things. Very cute.
All the kids played with friends today.
S and J both had to work tonight and now are both out celebrating with their friends.
Yesterday we took a fun trip to Waldorf to use our Christmas gift cards. E bought a bow and arrow...because every 8 year old needs to build his weapons arsenal at every gift giving occasion available.
Lucy bought a baby doll and bathtub. She took two baths today with her baby :) and told me "mom, I am going to be a good mom when I grow up. Even though it will be a pain to get them here it will be worth it" She's so funny. Where did she hear that??
H bought a cool movie projector and last night all three little kids piled in her room and watched "happily never after 2" projected on the wall. They thought that was pretty neat!
J also spent the day shopping but she went to Annapolis with her friends.
S worked.
Today Big painted. I did laundry. We ate at Baja Fresh.
And that brings 2010 to a close.

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utmommy said...

Love Chinese acrobats!