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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


9:30pm, after a full day of school, an afternoon of doing who knows what since I had an appointment right after school and got home a little later than usual, cub scouts (where they made recipe holders), activity day recognition night (where Han played the piano), YW, dishes and some laundry folding they suddenly remembered they did have homework.

Why do they not get a long this nicely at 4:30 in the afternoon??

we have a tragic situation developing. Weeks ago we ordered a beautiful, elegant prom dress for J. Prom is Saturday. The dress has not arrived. What will I do if it doesn't get here tomorrow?!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Start calling around the ward for one to borrow. Has it been shipped at all? I had stuff ordered for easter and it showed up Monday and Tuesday. That was bad enough- but a prom dress is a much bigger deal. Hopefully it will show up first thing in the morning.

Tori said...

When you ordered it, when did they say it would be shipped? Do they claim it was already shipped? Is there a tracking number? Tell them you want it overnight shipped tomorrow or you are canceling the order. Then get thee to a mall. Don't know if Emma has anything, but if she does we could fedex it to you...