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Sunday, May 08, 2011

mother's day

What a lovely mother's day. I woke up on the lateish side, at least to get to church on time, and Lu had made me breakfast in bed all by herself. She brought up a bowl of strawberries and oranges and a capri sun for me to eat in bed :) It was super cute.

We got ready and made it to church in time. The musical numbers and talks were very uplifting. I really love going to church.

When we came home we ate outside on the deck and then watched National Treasure 2.

After that was over we went on a Sunday drive and enjoyed some bird watching, beach hopping and talking together.

Dinner was served on the porch and littles put to bed early(ish). They were tired and really needed to get to bed on time tonight.

J, who slept all day, was just getting up :) When I came upstairs for bed I left her and Sierra curled up on the couch watching Jane Eyre. Sierra has been home a lot more lately and is doing so much better. She is preparing to move and I think she's excited about her next chapter.

Big and the kids gave me some thoughtful gifts. My favorite was a beautiful letter that Hannah wrote to me. I will treasure it always. I feel very blessed to be a mother, it is my greatest joy.

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Yvonne said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm glad you enjoyed it--you deserve it ; )