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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Temple Square

Today I took Ange to the airport in the morning. We got to pick Beloved up in the afternoon so rather than drive back and forth we spent the time between at temple square. We toured the conference center, which was fun. The kids were impressed with the roof garden. We got to see beautiful paintings and the huge center. Then we walked over to the administration building and rode up to the 26th floor for a great view of the valley.

After that we went to the Lion House for lunch and ended with a tour of the Beehive house. It was a fun day. The kids were so well behaved and enjoyed the whole thing.

They were excited to go pick up their dad too! and after we got him we went to BYU to buy some propaganda for future attendance~ tee shirts, hats and balls with BYU on them.

Tonight the kids are staying at Val's and we are having a get away!

We also got to meet Dani and Greg for dinner.

Our time here has been going so fast. Each day I have had such a nice time with my family and have been so grateful for them. It's been a real live in the moment kind of time where I have nothing to worry about, no mail to open, no house to clean, just the kids and my sisters and nieces and nephews and people I love. It's been wonderful. We are all in good health, the weather is lovely, we're enjoying wonderful church sites and cousins laughing together. Yesterday morning I woke up and went to the "library" I heard laughing in the bedroom next to it. The girls room had the girls in it and T had come in and they were laying down on pillows and blankets and just talking and telling jokes. I was struck by the perfectness of the moment and how glad I am that they can be together.


Yvonne said...

O.K. this brought a tear to my eye. Those moments really are perfect. Family is the best. I'm so glad you've had this time to be together and it's wonderful that you and your beloved had a getaway.

I have a good life said...

So beautiful. We miss you here, but those experiences are so beautiful. I am so glad you get those memories. I am so glad you get to be with family. Having mine in town reminds me of how great it is. Missed you especially today, but it was such a wonderful baptism.