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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

senior pictures

Today is Dani's birthday. She is 23. Wow! I can't believe that. It has been such a pleasure to be her mom and now to be her friend as well. She is a wonderful woman, wife and mother. She is kind and creative and patient. She is even tempered and bright and has a cheerful friendly way about her. She is wonderful with Tate and sweet with Greg. I could not ask for a more delightful daughter.
Sierra is almost 20. Again, wow! Do we just spend our whole lives marvelling at how fast time goes??
Sierra is a lot of fun. She is a hard worker, great at math (a skill she did not inherit from me) and is always smiling. She is artistic and peaceful. I am excited to see where life takes her. Right now she is going to college and thinking about what to be, she is right on the boundary of stepping out of the nest and off on her own. I know she'll do great!

We just got Jenna's senior picture in the mail. I can not believe my little pickle is in her last year of high school. What a joy she is to me. She is friendly and good. Bright and happy. Talented beyond and fearless. She is driven and steadfast.
I feel really lucky to have such lovely older daughters. Parenting teens is 90% fun and joyful...10% worry and late nights :)
...well, maybe it's 85/15.


The two old crows said...

beautiful girls.

Yvonne said...

They are all such beautiful--like their momma.

Debby said...

Such beautiful young ladies