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Thursday, August 12, 2010

the temple trip that almost wasn't

For almost a year we have been planning "Suitland Day" at the temple. I was really looking forward to going and today was the day.
It didn't turn out quite like we thought it would.
Big B took a vacation day, and had no flutter emergencies so was able to actually come. Dani kept the kids and we were off.
We ran into horrible stormy weather on the way up. The rain was pouring down so hard we could hardly see to drive. When that cleared up there was a huge accident on the beltway that slowed things down to the point that it took almost an hour to go 11 miles.
I told Big that it was like all the forces of evil were conspiring against the Suitland stake and trying to keep us away from our day in the temple!

Finally we made it there and the parking lot was oddly not full. We parked and walked up where we learned that the storm had blown two of the three generators used to power the temple, the baptistery was flooded, and they were doing sealings by candle light. We were also told there was no AC and limited lighting in some rooms and none in others. After a few moments of consideration we decided to go in and see what we could do for as long as they decided to stay open.

It was strange to walk down the darkened halls and it felt really quiet. We changed and waited to hear what we could do. Eventually we did a session and it was packed, every seat. We were not the only ones willing to stay and do the work. It was a little warm, and a little darker than usual but it was really neat to see many friends there with us and everyone was happy to serve. I felt really grateful for the many blessings we enjoy and thought that the small hardships we had to endure to be there this day are nothing compared to the hardships many have had to go through and many still do in parts of the world where access to a temple is not so available.

They ended up closing the temple at around 3ish. We walked over to the visitors center, also in the dark, and borrowed a flashlight from the desk so we could see the sculpture display that we have been wanting to see. It was the same one we saw in Nauvoo last year and found so moving. I enjoyed it in the quite, dark as well. It was just Big B and I in the room walking from display to display, flashing the light on the verses explaining each piece and after reading them slowly sweeping our light over the statue.

It was a good day.

When we left we stopped at IKEA. I LOVE it there and want to go back every day :) and then got something to eat before heading home to our cute little family.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I was doing inititories once in the Seattle Temple when the power went off- it was very, very dark- only an exit sign for light- we ended up just finishing where we were. dressing in nearly pitch black- one flashlight lighting the dressing room. But- it was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had as well- sitting in the dark- listening to the worker and feeling the spirit.

The Ainas said...

Tony and I were almost there when we got a call from my sister saying she got a message it was closed... we were going to the 3:30 session... so we didn't get to do anything :( But we did visit the bookstore up there and saw lots of stake people! :)

Yvonne said...

I have often wondered what it would be like to be in the temple if the power went off--now I know.

We are getting an IKEA here in a year or so--I'm very excited.