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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Jenna and I like to read the same books. It's really fun to talk about them and the characters and lessons learned. I love interpreting literature for my kids, and hearing their ideas as well.

So this was our last weekish:
I got the Hunger Games, it was our book club book and I wanted to read it even though I didn't go to book club, nor do I ever really go so that might beg the question "am I really in a book club?" but I digress

J saw it and said, Oh I want to read that. So I started and quickly finished. She took it and read it. We both liked it and hated it and wondered what happened next.

The next day I was looking at Hannah's scholastic book order and there was "Catching Fire". I immediately ordered it and for the next three days when H walked in the door from school J and I both said "DID YOU GET YOUR BOOK ORDER?!"

Finally it came. I am home first so I grabbed it and hid it. J came home and wanted it and began the search. We had two book marks and each had to search the book out of the others room every time we wanted to read. Finally I got done and moved on to "Mockingjay" (that Hannah thoughtfully borrowed from her English teacher. ) Then J finished, and I had to start hiding Mockingjay.

Last night she took it when I went to Women's Conference.
When I got home at 11pm I went to her room and got it, she reluctantly relinquished it but since she had friends over she wasn't really reading anyway.
I got strict instruction to finish that night.

So I read until 1am.

Which I would have done anyway because I had to find out what happened.

Then I took the book to J and now she is buried in it.

Poor poor Gale, and Katniss and Peeta and what a sad story.

I found it riveting and a page turner. Also a good commentary on love and society's values and humanity. We've had some good chats over the week.


Tori said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I could read as fast as you, then when I am in school, I would still be able to read for fun and not for tests.

Debby said...

I just got the second book from Trudy. We had a great discussion at book club. We still count you as a member :-) You can always start a discussion on the blog (hint hint)
I'm going to start book two tonight, but first I have to read a chapter for my math class.

Yvonne said...

I keep hearing about those books but haven't read them. You really must be a fast reader.

The two old crows said...

I loved the series. It was hard not to spill the beans at book club.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

My son is reading the first one now- which he has to take to school every day- so I guess I will read it when he is done-