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Friday, September 24, 2010

St Mary's County Fair

We had the day off from school today. It's the fair! A holiday for all and a lot of fun. We got up on time this morning so we could be there bright and early. Regrettably my camera only had enough batteries for one picture. We had a great time though. We meet Colleen and her kids and then happened to get there at the same time as the Lyons as well. We all walked around together looking at the displays and waiting for the rides to open. The displays are actually my favorite part. They had beautifully decorated cakes, cute collections, art of all kinds, animals and food ( to look at like jams and preserves and what not) and all things fairish.

Also delicious fair food. We had funnel cakes and soda. There was lots more to choose from.

The kids love the rides. It was a one coupon per ride day so they got to ride lots. I rode on the Sea Serpent with the kids. They were scared and buried into me. E thought he'd lose his lunch. I laughed the whole time. They liked the house of mirrors, the dragon coaster and the bouncy houses much more!

We saw tons of friends and neighbors, which was so fun.

When I blog I always picture myself someday an old woman, sitting in a nursing home and with me are my volumes of printed blog. I will read and remember. I think these are things I will never forget, but I know I will. I have proof. When I had my babies, each of them, I always thought I would never forget..and I haven't, not entirely, but I have forgotten a lot. When I hold someone else's baby now and feel their sweet lightness, and smell that impossibly delicious smell of newborn baby, and they nuzzle my neck and wiggle and stretch like only a brand new baby does I realize that I have forgotten. And it makes me a little sad.

So do I write about how hot it was, how sweat gathered around the corners of Ethan's hairline and we all wanted to drink tons of water? Do I mention the dusty layer of dirt that covered our feet and clothes? Do I write down that Jeffrey and Lucy each grabbed my hand as we walked along looking at the cows, and they stunk (the kids and the cows) but I was glad. Should I say that E and Eric and Jacob had a balloon war with their "Vote for ____" balloons and that Ethan's popped first so he lost, but then Lu gave him hers so he could keep in the battle. What will I forget if I don't write it down? What will I care to remember?

When we were done I brought the boys home with me and they built a knex ferris wheel. It was brilliant.


Natalie said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day. I want to go to the fair with you.

Debby said...

Sounds like a fun day. I totally understand about the whole forgetting thing. Now watching Izzy and Abby, they remind me of Liz and Sarah and I remember. I just received my first blog book :) I too will have my books to remember. Although Gary teases me about blogging, he enjoys reading the blog too.

Shelly said...

I took my boys this afternoon. I looked for people to go with me but in the end, it was just me and the boys. We had a great time on the rides and looking at the animals. Couldn't be more true about the want of water and the dust. :o) We have to remember the not so good with all the good in our lives.

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.

I always thought I would never forget things, but I have. I'm so grateful I have many things written down, too.

Love the ferris wheel they built--great job.