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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Virtue Night

In May, on a personal progress night, we began working on the Virtue Value. We did all the experiences together and then set a goal to finish the project by the end of summer. The project is to read the Book of Mormon. We determined that 5 pages a day would do the trick.

The girls read all summer. Some made it to the end, some are still working on it. Everyone did a great job!
Last night we got together at our house and had a fancy Italian dinner and then gathered in the living room to share our feelings and experiences. It was a special night. I feel so blessed to work with these wonderful young women.
We had a chocolate fountain to end the evening, then the girls hung out and visited.


Natalie said...

What a fabulous leader you are. I wish you had been the leader for my girls.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

that sounds so nice you are such a great leader--your last comment to me was the most comforting of all I have received -Thank you

Yvonne said...

When I read about them adding "virtue" to the values I was so happy. The YW Program is so inspired and such a blessing to our wonderful youth. And your young women are so blessed to have you.