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Sunday, September 05, 2010

a relaxing Sabbath

Hanging out on the hammock

Feeding the missionaries
Eating scrumptious sweet potatoes in orange cups
Watching Dr. Zhivago with the fam in our jams
It was a good day :)


Natalie said...

Your food always looks sooo yummy.

I love the reverance incentive. What a great idea Robin had.
I'm going to be so reverent. Can I come over for a treat?:)

Love you and miss you all

I have a good life said...

Awesome. And...I haven't been on here for a while...I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your family photo in your header! LOVE it! :)

utmommy said...

Sounds yum!

Yvonne said...


Love the new header.

lisanne83 said...

ooohh! those orange cups look SO good!! I need that recipe!!

The Texas Bakers said...

I love that new header picture. It really does make it look like too many to count! Also, I am totally going to try your reverence incentive. We have been having a real issue with that, as well.