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Saturday, October 23, 2010

busy October Saturday

Everyone is busy today. Big has to work, of course. S is also working. (after work she is going to Philly for the weekend) J is taking the ACT and then working. Work Work Work, it's like I live with the 7 dwarfs!! (which I am glad about, working is good)

Lucy is the only one who didn't have plans so she is free to go to "Trick or Treat" in the park with me. Here she is with her herd :) Such a cute mamma elephant.
Millie is guarding the house from her crystal-all -seeing-welcome the burglars in with a lick and wag of a tail-ball.

Little is at the Cub o Ree! He had a late night playing soccer and is not a morning person so when I had to drag him out of bed before the sun came up he wasn't too happy. I think, however, he will have a cubtastic time!

Han is going with Chelsea to Melanie's. They are bringing their bikes, hanging out and riding to buy french fries near Melanie's home. Should be fun. Hope they are careful. I am not a big fan of the learning to be independent years. I like the stay home where mom can watch you years:) Hannah has really nice friends, which I am so glad about.

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Yvonne said...

I can't imagine there isn't a day at your house that isn't busy, busy, busy.

Hope J did well on the ACT's.