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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last night we had class activities. The Mia Maids learned how to make pizzas.

The Laurel's made Halloween candle holders.

The Beehives made haunted houses.
Everyone had a fun time. Our girls are so wonderful, it is a treat to work with them and to meet with them each week. They are fun and sweet and I have the best calling in the world! We have 32 girls and they are each so special and unique.
Other than that things are rolling along. We've had some rain. Everyone is feeling well and back to school. H still struggles in the morning but it is so early. We have found that if she showers and gets ready at night and then goes to bed early she does okay in the morning. It's hard to do that but we're aiming for that.
Millie is getting regular walks :) and now I have company, Johnna usually joins me and that makes it quite fun.
Happy day. We got bills from the dentist and our portion as $0!!! I was so thrilled we have had astronomically huge medical bills this year, lots of random stuff and it's killing us so that was a treat.
H and J have both been practicing the piano. They started lessons this week.
Read a couple of good books this week. I read "Solomon's Oak" which I enjoyed. The other day S came home from school mad because she is taking an African American Literature class that she hates and she told me I had to read all the books with her from now on so we could talk about it, since it's my fault she's in the class :) Well I don't really mind. So I read the first one "Passing" which I liked quite a lot and I enjoyed talking with her about it, discussing gender roles, and race and the freedoms we very much take for granted now but which we didn't always universally enjoy. We still don't, in a global sense, but here in the US we are lucky and Sierra is lucky individually she has all the choices in the world open to her. What a tremendous blessing.
Now I am in the middle of "The Silence of God" and she just gave me another book to read so I will read that too.
We're enjoying the cooler weather, looking forward to a busy weekend. Oh and Hannah had an appointment with the orthodontist. I liked him a lot. Her teeth are actually pretty straight but she has an over bite. He suggested we wait until she is 12 or 13 and see if her jaw continues to grow. Her mouth is small but if that bottom jaw does some growing then she'll be in better shape and in braces for a much shorter time when we do get them.


utmommy said...

That's a lot of reading. I barely have 30 minutes to sit and do anything. But, you're a much faster reader than I am.

Caroline said...

Hmmmm..... Sounds interesting. What books are on her reading list?

Yvonne said...

You must be such a fast reader--I'm in awe.

32 girls--wow. That would be so fun.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I am sure there is a story behind it being your fault she is in that class- but how interesting to get to read and discuss books with her.

I am still at the age with my kids where we are discussing Harry Potter or Percy Jackson- and it is fun to hear their take on things.