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Saturday, October 09, 2010

surprise detour

We have a long weekend this week and Big has really been wanting to get out of town. We had planned to go to Ohio and even planned to leave mid day on Friday.

All week there was some ? about if he would be able to get away. Would the plane fly or not? yes? no? I just tried to be really supportive and be ready to go if we could and if not then okay. The kids were really excited.

Friday late morning he said "we're going and I am going to be home early". I got the kids from school and loaded up the car. Then he called and said "I'm going to be a little later" Ok. Then he said "I am on the way home". Then he got home...and work called and he went back to work.

I told the kids we wouldn't go. They went off to playwith friends.

Eventually he got home and was not happy. Even though it was late he wanted to go anyway, so I gathered the kids and we took off. It was much later than we wanted and we hit terrible traffic. After a few hours on the road, and making little progress, and the GPS telling us we'd get there at 5am we had to abort and turn around.

Eventually we decided to head over to Williamsburg and maybe go to Busch Gardens, we were about half way there anyway.

After finding a room for the night we hopped into bed and discussed what we would do the next day. In the morning we found out the price of tickets to Busch Gardens and quickly came up with plan C.

Jamestown and Yorktown.

It turned out to be a really fun day. Both towns were lovely with lots to see and do, very interesting historical reenactors and beautiful weather.

There was lots of hands on activities. We enjoyed going on a replica boat, into a fort, through an Indian village and to a couple of museums.

The kids learned how to load a cannon, how to salt meat, and how to weave a basket. We heard a very interesting presentation on revolutionary era medicine and many other things. I wish we had more time for Jamestown because it was a bit rushed for us but over all it was a lovely day and just what the doctor ordered.
After we were done the kiddos really wanted to take daddy to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store. We did and it was lovely, like last time. And guess who was there...

Santa! Himself!
Here they are signing their names on the "nice list". We got snowed on, bought some fudge, ate some ice cream and headed back home.


The two old crows said...

What a fun day.

Debby said...

It sounds like a fun day! We haven't been there yet, but hope to go sometime.

Yvonne said...

Sometimes detours turn out okay ; )