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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Conference weekend

Big and little ready to go to the priesthood session of conference together.

Conference weekend is always a time I look forward to. Saturday is sometimes, okay, often, a bit hectic for us but with the Internet it's wonderful because we can catch up.

When I was growing up I always remember the early sessions, but here on the east coast the first session doesn't start until noon. We got chores done this morning, and Big went on a long long bike ride. When he got back we just had time to go to lunch. We had a wonderful time together as we talked and laughed and ate. (not always the case at family meal times~ but always the goal)

Big got the laptop hooked to the TV and I settled down to watch. Shortly there after 3 of Hannah's friends came over. Then one of Ethan's...then two random girls I didn't know but they told me "their dad didn't like kids playing at their house because it was too noisy". So they joined the melee. I found out later when talking to Big, who was finishing up the lawn at that time, that he kept shooing kids inside so he wouldn't mow over them and they happily followed our kids and their friends. Anyway, I watched..but it wasn't too quiet :) Several girls did ask me what I was watching and I told them it was a special conference given by the Prophet of the Lord twice a year. They watched a little and then moved on. Which was fine. I know the kids sometimes talk to their friends about different things in the gospel or invite them to activities and I am happy to take them but I don't ever "preach to them" and always try to be respectful of their families beliefs. When kids come here they see us pray, they know our standards, they know about the importance of the Sabbath and following Christ in all things. They learn that by observation and example. Who knows? maybe when they are grown that will be a pleasant memory or seedling for them. Anyway, the point is I didn't hear much :)

During the afternoon session we were at a birthday party for one of the boys on E's soccer team. The whole family went and skated and played at the park. It was really nice, except that H hurt her foot. So when the boys left for their session I was anxious to get watching. I put Lu to bed, H plopped down on my bed and I went to watch the morning session again. It was really wonderful.

I love Pres. Uchtdorf, he is so funny and so wise. Slow Down! got it. Focus on what's most important. Live a consecrated life.

I also loved the story that, was it David McConkie ?? who talked about it?, about the Old Dutchman that was called to teach a bunch of rowdy 15 year olds. And even though it didn't seem like a natural fit he was wonderful and had a great attitude and love of the Savior, and those kids could "warm their hands by the fire of his testimony". I loved that quote so much. I would love to be that fire. I also love to warm my hands! It's a beautiful circle.

It's almost 10. The boys will be done soon and then having ice cream, as per ward tradition :)

I am closing things down for the night but am so looking forward to the two sessions tomorrow and to hearing this afternoons too. Maybe in the morning!


Debby said...

I love being able to watch conference at home and rewatch it too.

Yvonne said...

I always go watch all the sessions at our Stake Center--I get easily distracted if I'm home (even alone). I loved all of it.