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Friday, October 15, 2010

good day

It's a beautiful fall day. The air is crisp and it's sunny out. Tonight is the school carnival and the kids are excited. Best of all this morning J and I filled out her BYU application!! Yeah!! My life long dream and I finally convinced a girl to apply. Dani wanted nothing to do with BYU, neither does Sierra but J does! She has "back up" schools too but I am crossing my fingers, saying a prayer, lighting a candle and anything else that comes to mind.

Also had parent teacher conferences this morning. Always fun. Lu is doing well. She is in the high reading group, is a helper and compassionate to her friends and is cheerful and has lots to contribute. This is happy news as she is a big sassperilla at home and driving me a bit crazy as I try to figure out how to best parent her. I love my Sassy pants girl!
E is also doing well. He tested "off the charts" and is well rounded and a leader. He is also not the class clown this year, which is good. He has a few other high achieving boys in his class and a wonderful teacher so it's going well. She strongly recommended STEM for next year. She said he likes to do things "his own way" and has a "unique perspective". Fortunately she thinks these are real strengths and likes him. Lots of teachers like kids who sit quietly and look attentive. He looks distracted with a book, drawing or thought in his head and still produces "A" work. I am really grateful that he's in Mrs E's class.


The Texas Bakers said...

Yay for J! I hope she gets in! We already have our boys indoctrinated.

Yvonne said...

Hooray for your J.

Sounds like your children are really enjoying school--and that is WONDERFUL.