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Friday, October 01, 2010

bad weather~ edit again to add pictures

my original plan for the day:
Plan A
finish the very last load of laundry, ending yesterday's laundry marathon in a rousing success and a round of cheers (at least in my own mind).
A quick trip to the ortho for E's hip.
Go to wal mart to leisurely get our weeks groceries and look at the cute holiday decor.
Go out to lunch with Big.
Soccer practice in the evening.

My actual day:
Plan B (thanks to street flooding that closed the schools)
all the kids are home.
My friend Jen's kids are also home (my home) she had a surgery scheduled and could get to her clinic ( why couldn't the buses get through?)
6 pajamaed kids running up and down two flights of stairs and in and out of house and Handy Mandy in the back ground and crayons on the floor.
Then at 4 we take E for an MRI of that troublesome hip.

How can I get a job when my life requires such flexibility? and I think when you have an employer they want you to show up regularly.

actual kid count in the house is 9.
4 middle schoolers making brownies and listening to music
2 medium size boys right now on the computer, recently playing soccer
2 small girls "playing school" and changing clothes (part of the laundry issue around here is how many times the girls change clothes, and how many friends wear said clothes)
1 small boy running around

it's making me rethink the wisdom of saying no to Big's 5:30 am whispered request of "lets just pack up now and drive to Ohio"

picnic on the deck, the little girls are having a "pajama party".
E ad Robert defend the goal

Webb takes a shot.
and the schools are closed why??


utmommy said...

My days consist of Plan B's very often.

Baby J is coming today! However, I won't see him until tomorrow.

Yvonne said...

I wondered how you were dealing with the horrible East Coast weather.