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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my morning, so far
5:15 little b comes stumbling in saying he has to throw up. When he's done he snuggles into the middle and falls back asleep...he is the only one.
5:25 Big gets up, he's mad, not at little but at work stuff and can't sleep anymore. He gets in the shower.
5:35 start dragging H from bed. An ordeal every morning, but this morning is particularly bad. Leave her in the bathroom with a towel and robe in hand.
5:40 listen to Big's woes.
6:05 this little one comes into the room because she is "hund-ree"

(an early a.m. snuggle on a less hectic day)

Head down stairs to make oatmeal.
6:15 J needs to borrow my car for seminary because hers is out of gas.
6:20 H and Lu both complain because the dinosaurs melted and I made it wrong.
6:30 send H out the door.
6:30.5 H back, crying, "she's not going"
6:31 repeat
6:32 repeat
6:33 give her a long long hug
6:35 send her out the door for the fourth time
6:36 she is back
6:37 threaten her with grounding, tell her I don't have a car to take her, shove her out the door (gently) and lock it
6:38 Lu, who was standing watch reports H is walking towards the bus stop

Guess my plan to go to the temple with Amy, Lori and Darlene is out.


Natalie said...

What a morning!
I love that picture of you and Lu. You look sooooo pretty.

nikko said...

Yikes. Hope your day gets better. That's a sweet picture of you and Lu!

Jay said...

I love that picture too. It's so peaceful and sweet. You've captured the "Mother" feeling I get when heaven reminds me of the blessing of being a mother.

I loved your morning--so nice to not be alone in the fun of morning.

Yvonne said...

What a sweet picture--now a memory that time won't erase; )

utmommy said...

Cute pic!