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Saturday, February 26, 2011

celebratory dance

report, take 2, the one problem with a blog is that there is a ? about what is TMI. I want a record of my family but since I am sharing it I want to be careful not to hurt feelings or be disrespectful of my family. I don't want to share what they wouldn't want public. Perhaps the days of the blog are drawing to a close, I am not sure. I love to write. Obviously. Much of our life is consumed by dealing with issues and trying to help children and most of my thoughts are there so that makes it difficult. If I write about it what is the consequence? At work we have darling children, with huge struggles. I can't really write about their family issues and traumas without breaking their confidences so that's hard. I spend my day there, and I've grown to love my little class and want to help them. The other night I dreamt that Stephanie (the teacher) and I took the whole class camping & it was so crazy. We tried and tried to keep them out of the ocean and they wanted to go in. They are seeping into my unconscious thoughts, which is okay...but hard to write about. Then there are my wonderful young women. I love my calling and working with them. They are dear to me and always on my mind. I spend a lot of time thinking about activities to help them, preparing lessons. They are the recipients of all my "wisdom" ~ the boy you choose to marry will determine your future happiness in a greater degree than any other single thing, after you personal commitment to follow Christ. (nugget #1 that they hear regularly), cover the girls, it's more becoming, it shows respect for yourself, the Lord and those around you (nugget 2), you can do anything you set your mind to, Heavenly Father loves you, etc. Some have big struggles and I pray for them and think of them and talk with them and can not write about it. All have the struggles of youth. They are awesome and face their challenges without fear (usually) and with courage and resolve to get it done (always). Then there are my own children. My heart and life. Each of them struggles and is learning. Each has great strength and each is not perfect. As I write about them I am always mindful of keeping them safe, being true to the trust that is given me with the gift of motherhood. Yet some things I would like to say, to remember that I feel like I need to refrain from. So is this just a log of nice things that happen to us, holidays and trips and the good FHE's we manage to have? Maybe......

SO Jenna got into PROVO!!!!!! I am so excited and thrilled and happy and proud of her. I will miss her so much and am I a little jealous but mostly I am just glad for her new adventure and the wonderful time she will have. I can't wait to hear all about it. I can't wait to visit her dorm. She has worked really hard and I am so pleased. GO COUGARS!!!!

Last night I got a droid. I have no idea how to use it. I am very excited, I've been wanting one, even though it is a complete extravagance. Big and I went on a date, we went to the very noisy Cheeseburger in Paradise, and talked about the kids (as usual), one in particular a lot. Sierra, come on girl you know better. Then we went to the Verizon store. When we got home I was the baby sitter driver and it was funny, I had to leave my phone behind because Big was setting it up and I felt so weird going out the door, like "how can I drive down the road without my phone" naked. I remembered my childhood and playing in the back yard with Alec, we often played Star Trek. We would take my barrettes and they were our communicators. Never in a million years did I think that technology was anything but the thing of science fiction fantasy. Today I walk around with a computer in my purse, I can call anyone, I can look up anything, I can have music or movies of books at the tip of my finger. I am used to the technology but still it is miraculous! Who would have thought?

Little had a soccer game this morning at 7. I was a bad mom and didn't get up to watch, Big was the hero and took him and while I felt a little bad I didn't care that much. Dirty little secret, I like to sleep, even if that means I miss soccer game # 1042 in his little life. I love to watch him play 9am. Now they are at a team practice at the drill hall, then Big will go fly missions. I will clean the house, do some laundry and take a trip to Old Navy to exchange the pants I bought my boy the other night. He is the only child I have ever had that has to get new pants not because he outgrows them but because he rips out the knees. He goes through more jeans...hey, Mr Levi Strauss what's up with that??

The sun is out, it's not warm yet but I have hope. I rented a cabin at Hershey park for two nights during spring break, not a luxury one but a camping one. Looking so forward to that. Love me some spring break!! Also really looking forward to our Beach week!! and in less than a month I'll have Tate in my arms and will be smothering her in Mimi kisses!! Can't wait to meet Reggie, and Joneaux and Jose. Looking forward to the wedding and seeing the whole fam!!
Lots to look forward to!


Tori said...

Please don't stop writing. I know it is hard to self-edit sometimes. (If anyone has difficulty self-editing, it's me!) We are thrilled for Jenna. And we love Sierra. (We love Jenna too, but she knows that.)

Yvonne said...

Yippee that is wonderful about Jenna. I am so happy for her (and for you, too) It will be such an incredible experience. ENJOY each and every moment.

I know what you mean about the blog--I'm starting to feel like it's time to quit, too. Perhaps an on-line journal will be enough for me.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

please dont stop writing but I too understand the editing thing it is hard but yes necessary

utmommy said...

..and you can't wait to see me either!