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Monday, February 21, 2011

time flies

my goodness but the weekends fly by so quickly. On Saturday Bub had a soccer game in the morning, then Big went off on a bike ride, we went grocery shopping and everyone helped with some cleaning. The kids spent the afternoon playing soccer at the field with the neighbors, then we went to the Blue and Gold banquet (photo above is E practicing his presentation), it was really nice. It was a cultural night and everyone brought food from different countries, some from their heritage, some from the places their moms or dads served missions. We brought pirog. After the banquet we had one more soccer game to go to. They won the morning one, lost the evening one. It was a soccer day.
Sunday was busy with ward council, church, cub committee meeting and an invitation to have dinner with Sister Gupta. She made the most lovely Indian dinner. We all enjoyed it sooo much. The table was beautifully set and the food was delicious! Of course Sister Gupta is so lovely, kind and sweet and always fun to visit with as well.

Sunday night my Beloved and I stayed up way too late talking, solving the world's problems (or at least figuring out how to raise the delightful children we've been blessed with without too much angst)

Today was a divide and conquer day, we all had school and work off for Presidents day. I took Jenna and Robert to Towson to visit the campus and get the collegiate feel. I am rooting for BYU of course and hopefully we will hear within a week or so, but in the mean time she really wanted to check it out and we had a fun day. They were silly and good company and the campus was nice, once we got out of the ghetto of Baltimore and onto the campus.
After we went to the mall and looked around, didn't buy anything.

In the meantime the rest of the family got together with the McCombs. Maggie and Lu played all day at their house, under Katie's watchful eye. The rest of the gang took off to do some mountain biking. H and E both reported having a great time. I think most of the day was spent playing out in the woods and riding bikes for all. After I got back I joined them and we had a lovely dinner and then a camp fire in the backyard.

Tonight we are expecting some snow so I am really glad they got to spend some time outdoors.
So I am falling behind on laundry and cleaning, but the kids are getting played with and taken care of.

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Yvonne said...

Some days I miss those Cub/Scout days, but then I think of all the work and I don't seem to miss it so much.

Hope you get positive news from BYU soon.