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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

spring spring where are you?

I'm so glad it's February! One month closer to spring and warm weather. I don't love rain boots, no matter how colorful, snow, no matter how crisp or being cold cold cold and wet, not to mention layers are not a fluffy girl's friend.

I am looking forward to warm days, planting, swimming, laying in the sun.

This morning we had a 6am traffic jam at the shower. J and H at one, me and Lu and Big at the other. Finally we all got through (thanks to an awesome tank less water heater)and I got little up (he's not a morning person) and into the shower. Then I heard him crying out for me and found him wet and kneeling at the toilet :(. I tried to convince him that he was well but in the end he convinced me and I called in to work. Great, second week and I already have to miss a day!
By 10am he was hungry and feeling fine. (sigh)
This morning he's beaten me at several games of blokus, and we watched Pokemon together.
I don't want to waste one on one time even if I am unhappy that he cried wolf sick. I did tell him that he could not miss any more days of 3rd grade if he wanted to promote, and sort of implied that it was a rule.
Other than that I've been doing some laundry, finished up 30 of these cute necklaces for New Beginnings tomorrow night (they have the 13th article of faith on them) and I am going to attempt to make noodles for chicken noodle soup.
I do love love love to be home.


Shelly said...

Fun necklaces! Let me know how the noodle making goes.

utmommy said...

I want some fun rain boots. Where did you get them?