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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Last night Han had her friend Ally spend the night. The girls played just dance, watched a movie and fell asleep at 10. It's those killer middle school hours they keep :) This morning they helped me make bacon and pancakes. H has cute friends, it's fun to hear them giggling together.
Lu's teacher is a huge Steelers fan. She made all the kids scarfs for the big game! Lu's been wearing hers as a hat. Funny girl.
This morning the boys woke up at the crack of before dawn to leave for Fredricksburg, VA for a "10 Commandments" hike. E didn't want to go, he's not a morning person. I got up and packed them some food and found gloves and hats then when they walked out the door I dove back into bed!! Love a Saturday morning!
My sleep has been self interrupted lately, which is extremely unusual for me, I have the gift of being able to sleep. Lately I've been waking up a lot, having some trouble going back to sleep once awoken and having dreams about my little class. They have such struggles, not enough to eat, no where to sleep, no one to read to them, fights at home, learning problems a plenty and I just can't get them off my mind.
Looking forward to a good weekend. Have lots of chores to do today, tonight we're going to a game night at the Wilson's. Tomorrow is fast Sunday, followed by meetings, and preceded by meetings (ah, a day of rest :) ). Tomorrow night we're going to the Ray's to watch some of the Super Bowl. I feel very blessed with good friends, enough to eat, bright children, a warm (albeit that comes with a $$$, house), and the Gospel which makes my life so much more directed and trouble free than it might otherwise be.

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The Texas Bakers said...

McK has those same pj's. So cute!