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Thursday, February 03, 2011


almost Valentines day! yeah! I little lovin' for the family is coming up, I'll have to think of something special to do.

my poor children, it was 37 outside today, and sunny and no wind and they thought it was playing outside weather. H spent the whole afternoon outside with friends roaming around, playing at the park. At one point she came home and got E to round out the soccer team and they played in the green for an hour or so. She came home and reported that E was the best guy out there, and that her friends were so surprised because he's little.

Report cards came home. All A's for all 4 kids, pretty darn good :)

stuffed shells for dinner, everyone ate :)

minimum day at school, nice.

New Beginnings was nice. H was thrilled to be introduced to YW and I thought the evening went well. The girls liked their necklaces anyway.

Propane bill came :( ouch! $850 and we are not even warm! Also tickets to SLC went up $50 a ticket from when I checked it last week. :(

Job is going well. I like the teacher I work with and the kids are cute. They have a lot of struggles, some are homeless, many are poor and the parents have many struggles as well. Yet they are happy to be at school and trying to learn.

We should hear from BYU and BYU H this month! can't wait to get that settled and praying like crazy that she'll get in.

keeping up with the laundry, H and I have a system. In the morning I move a load from washer to dryer and put a load to wash. When she gets home from school she moves a load from the dryer to my bed and from washer to dryer. When I get home I move the load from the dryer giving us 2 to fold. Before I go to bed I put one to wash. By doing 2 loads a day we are keeping up :)

H is really maturing lately. She gets up early and gets ready for school and walks to the bus stop in the dark. When she comes home she practices the piano for half an hour, moves laundry, feeds the dog and does homework all before I get home. She is helpful and capable of doing many chores now. She is getting good at cooking, unloading the dishwasher, picking up, laundry, reading to Lu and is generally cheerful. It's a real pleasure to watch her grow up and to see how well she is doing.

glad it's Friday tomorrow, looking forward to some fun socializing with friends



Tori said...

Wow, what a great little system you've got going! Glad it's going well. We are anxious for J to hear from BYU as well!

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

All sounds wonderful! Congratulations to all the A grades for everyone. We are hoping for the BYU Provo of course.