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Friday, February 18, 2011

I drove home from work today and every person in our neighborhood must have been outside enjoying the warm temperatures. When I got here J had the littles, and some extras. They quickly sought permission to run to the mailboxes and play soccer. Lu and I went to the park, she played with lots of friends. There were kids playing basketball, kids playing soccer, kids riding bikes and rip sticks. Girls walking around in groups, boys digging in the dirt freshly mounded up for new builds. Dogs were being walked, neighbors were chatting and dads were chasing kids around.
I love the sights and sounds of spring.

We had a busy week. Wednesday was the pine wood derby, and activity days, and YW. After that Big took H on a daddy daughter date. When she got home, at 9:00, she "remembered" she had a 15 page assignment due the next day. Big went to bed, because he had an early morning mission. I stayed up to help.
Thursday night was monthly night of ministry. I had a good visit with one of my sweet Laurels.
This morning Big went biking.
Now we have a three day weekend!!

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Yvonne said...

No snow on the ground--you lucky bum. ENJOY.

Have a great three day weekend. Monday here is a holiday, too--Family Day. Allan has a business trip ; (