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Sunday, March 06, 2011

be obedi"ant"

Tate and Mimi like to Skype :)
I am loosing track of time, I don't know how 5 days passed without me being on the blog. Busy busy.
Wednesday night we had scouts and activity days and YW. Liz planned a fun personal progress night, we built puzzles and it was really fun.
Thursday I got called to the principal's office :( My responsibilities at work changed, I am now doing small reading groups for the lowest kids. I will miss my little class, although I still go in and help them with math in the afternoon. I am really debating about what to do next year. I am concerned about taking Lu to that school, also me working full time is stressful for the kids. They hate having me gone from home, except for Hannah who likes running arond the neighborhood in the afternoon with her friends and they all hate that we have to do all the house stuff and shopping when we are all home. I make very little money so I am not sure it is worth it. We'll have to really examine it and decide. For now I will stay until summer.
Friday Lu had Emily over to play, we went to the park, the day was nice. In the evening we went to Olive Garden for soup and salad. So yumm.
Saturday we had soccer practice at the drill hall, then ate breakfast at McD, then saw Big's plane fly, then went to BJ's, then the kids played in the neighborhod with friends while I cleaned. In the evening Big and I went on a date to hear the Cosmic Orchestra. Katelyn, one of my Beehives, was a soloist and she was amazing. The concert was lovely and we really enjoyed it.
Today I had ward council, church, BYC, then home to fix dinner, then in the evening we had a YW class presidency leadership meeting complete with a chocolate fountain . I had the training portion and did an "ant"theme. We talked about qualities of a good leader and how to apply them in our YW group. We talked about being dilig-ant, obedi-ant, assur-ant, and two more ants that I now can't remember. Then we divided into classes and had our class presidency meetings. We try to have one combined meeting every quarter and the other 2 months the classes meet after church and have a meeting. It was productive and we had a good time, the girls are awesome. We got a new secretary today. Kim is moving, she has been wonderful and competent and I am so glad to have served with her. Now we have Kori, and I am very excited to work with her. She is lovely and has a lot to offer the girls.
Finally now, 9pm, I have a moment to relax. We are going to watch "Chopped All Stars" in 3 minutes.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Let me know if J wants a job with my mom- they have a waiting list- so if she does- I need to let my mom know so she saves her a place- any questions- have her email me-

If she doesn't- that is just fine- my mom just reads your blog and offered- but not everybody wants to go to work before the chickens :)

I have a good life said...

Wow! Busy! I can relate. Never a dull moment. Now that K is in middle school, I cannot believe the craziness....and me trying to plan a wedding (that I don't have a date for) in the middle of it all!!!!

CRAZY. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

God bless you as you pray through the decision on whether to keep your job or not. If you've never read Jonni McCoy's "Living on One Income in a Two Income World", you might find it interesting. She talks about ways to tackle the spending side of things. I've not done really well in some areas, especially groceries. Our grocery bills seem through the roof, groan. But she has some good ideas of you conclude staying homew next year would be better. I'm with you, I love being at home so we can get all those at home things done during the day. I rarely run errands during the day because there are too many of them to shepherd easily through stores and banks. I look forward to when our eldest can stay home with some of the young ones. A few years to go on that...