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Saturday, March 19, 2011

catch up

Catching up. Life is too busy.
Monday night we had our pi party. The whole family was looking forward to it. Big and little made a fun game where they had different significant pi equations on paper plates, and what they meant on other plates and you had to match them up. We made a poster of fun pie facts, like did you know that Mark Twain's fav pie is/was huckleberry pie? A pie chart where everyone could indicate their favorite pie (chocolate won in our sample but in the US apple is the #1) and we had a pi recitation contest, which E won with his stunning 36 digits out. Now he knows 50 something (he's going for 100). Lots of friends came over and we ate and played and visited. A perfect evening.

Wednesday we had a fun YW night. I was looking forward to it. I told the girls about my love of literature and how I always relate to different characters in the books. When I was their age always related to the heroine, now I often relate to the mother in the book. My girls will tell you I am like Mrs Darcy (so not;) ) but the mother I told about is Mrs Pig, of the 3 little pigs. She taught her little piglets well and all they needed to know to make their way in the world. Then when they grew up they moved out of the house (and off to BYU) and were on their own. They each had to make their own choices. I had three volunteers go to the board and we talked about some of the choices you make in life and what might be a "straw" choice, a "wood" choice and a "brick" choice. After a while of that I told them that while all the houses looked nice and were holding up for now when the Big Bad Wolf (Satan) came by to tempt them some of the houses would stand strong and others would fall down.
After that I gave them each a brick to paint with whatever inspirational thoughts they wanted that would help them build a strong foundation.

Thursday was St Patty's day. We wore green. I had a YW/AP round table meeting in the evening. I was very grateful because Lu was invited to go to Emily's house after school and to stay for playing and dinner . She hates when I am gone but this was such a fun treat for her that she didn't mind.

Friday was sunny and pretty out. We went to the park.

Today we had a stake women's conference. I wasn't going to go because Saturday time is precious and chores are many. I am glad I decided to go. Amy, Laura, Johnna and I drove up together and it was a lot of fun visiting with them. The workshops were wonderful and the messages were uplifting and positive. Meanwhile Big got the first sunburn of the season as he spent the day with the children outside digging up the ground for our garden, sealing the deck and helping Lu bike.

Little Lu is excited, they got an incubator with 20 chicken eggs in their classroom. They are looking forward to hatching them and seeing how cute they are. She's also been working on riding her bike, which resulted in 2 bloody knees and a scrapped hand today, but she is getting better.

We got E's STEM application done and turned in, now we have to wait to hear the news.

J's phone broke.

H is got to spend all day Saturday playing at her friend Susan's house.

E had a soccer game this morning where he made two goals.

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Dani said...

thats a cute YW activity. Did you come up with it all on your own? Smarty pants