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Thursday, March 10, 2011

For homework this month Lu had to build a leprechaun trap. It's due tomorrow. I have been putting it off. She and E have been coming up with many great plans but explosives and lasers and multi layer structures are all out of my ability level, and out of the expectations of the Kindergarten teachers :) Today I could not put it off any more and went to Michael's on the way home from work. I bought green paint, glitter and some jewels. When I got home Lu was waiting, apron on, at the kitchen table. We got a shoe box and she painted it green, then glittered it. While it was drying we went down to the basement and sewed a little bag and leprechaun legs. We stuffed the legs and stuck them in the bag upside down (like he had been caught in the bag) and then used yarn to hang him in our trap. Lu painted a tiny pot with glitter and filled it with jewels, we also spread jewels around the box. All that went under the leprechaun. Done. She was happy, it only took a couple hours and although we had to throw away the table cloth because it got so much glue and paint on it that was okay, it was made of plastic and someone had already "accidentally" cut it.

It's raining today. Pouring actually. Tonight J and I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and we could hear the bugs chirping out in the woods, through the rain. It was super loud, I guess the weather is warming up and spring is on the way!

I am behind on laundry.

After work today we had an all hands meeting. The school board has approved their budget for next year. Basically they will have to eliminate 135ish jobs. Tenured teachers are no longer safe and there is a lot less money going to education. Our county used to spend 52% of it's budget on education, now it's down to less than 42%. This is criminal. At my school the kids are so low, so needy, so delayed that it takes tons of staff and resource people to support the kids in the classroom. They are on the low end, but really all kids need our resources. Our high kids need a curriculum and learning environment that allows them to excel, not one that tries to push them to the median. Our "average" kids need to be pushed and encouraged and helped to rise to their potential. To do better than they think they can.
What are we thinking?
We are getting a new jail, I guess we'd rather incarcerate then educate...and with the quality of education going down I am sure we will have more and more need for jails. Ridiculous


Yvonne said...

The leprechaun trap sounds very cute. Way to go. I bet Lu loved it.

The whole school budget thing is so frustrating to me. I do not understand it AT ALL.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

sounds like an adorable trap-

I totally agree with your last statement- we have to incarcerate more and more because they failed to be educated in anything other than sick, twisted, or selfish ways-