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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

when in doubt charlie out

We are in the throes of MSA testing. I am an accommodator, which yesterday meant I spent 4 hours reading math questions out loud to kids who have that stipulated in their IEP. The only hard part was staying awake, wow, that was long and tedious.

Yesterday was fat Tuesday, I am not Catholic or Protestant but i do like pancakes so we had a pancake dinner. We did talk about the tradition of fat Tuesday and lent (which I looked up on line) and then we decided as a family to spend the weeks leading up to Easter studying the Saviors earthly ministry. It will be a good preparation for Easter, which is really the bedrock of Christianity. Christmas is wonderful and we love to remember with reverence the circumstance of the Lord's birth but Easter is the foundation of all that we hold dear, the greatest miracle of all. The fact that Jesus Christ died and then broke the bonds of death and was resurrected and opened that door for us so that we can all be resurrected and live with Him again is, for lack of a better word, miraculous. How grateful I am. I am looking forward to spending these next weeks walking, metaphorically, with my children through the days of his life and ministry.

Yesterday we had a warm afternoon. We spent the afternoon playing at the park. Jenna went for a run with Millie. It was delightful! Come on spring! we are ready for you :)


utmommy said...

What a good idea!

Michelle said...

we had pancakes too! great minds google the same catholic holidays! ;)

von said...
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Yvonne said...

Such a great idea.

I guess I will have to google the pancakes. (I never knew ; )

I think your plan sounds WONDERFUL.

Good luck with all the testing.