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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

diddle diddle dumpling

So, H's ankle is broken. I am sad for her. We went to Cooks, which I love and will so miss when we move and have a small county hospital available for our use, and they x-rayed her. In the ER they thought it was a twisted ankle but the next morning we got a call that the radiologist saw a fracture and tomorrow we're off to the orthopedist for a cast..I guess. She's doing well but it hurts. She has gone to school on crutches which were fun for about five minutes but now not so much.

House is still up for sale. April- the end of summer is supposed to be the busy season so I am crossing my fingers, keeping it clean and saying my prayers. I HOPE HOPE HOPE it sells. I don't know what we'll do if we don't have an offer by June. The kids and I are supposed to travel to Utah to visit the familia and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go. Stress.

Had Lu's friends over yesterday. The weather was warm and lovely and they played outside for a couple hours. I dragged them in to do preschool and they quickly got into story time, writing their "J"s and making a diddle diddle dumpling book.

I made banana bread with some very black bananas. It's been a bit of a pain to cook because my collection of cook books is packed and when I need a recipe that I don't know I have to google and look for something that looks similar to what I remember mine to be. So I ended up trying a new BBread and it was yummy, kind of dense and sweet but everyone liked it. Late last night, after karate and other things that caused us to linger way too long we gathered at the table and had a snack. Lu had on her formal sleep wear, complete with fancy gloves. She read her book for us.

Got a suprise fun card from my friend Krista in the mail. Her family is getting so big and it was so great to hear from her!!

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Yvonne said...

Sorry about the broken ankle--hope she doesn't have to be in the cast for too long.

I hope the house sells soon.

Love the gloves--too cute.