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Friday, April 03, 2009

TV and stuff

I made our reservations for the nights we will be in Nauvoo this summer. I was very surprised how difficult that was. Many, many places were already booked. Some are booked for the whole summer already. Crazy. I was able to get a place. The room has four sets of bunk beds in it. That will be different, but fine. I am hoping that MSV and her family will decide to come with us. Her hubby served his mission near there and I know they've always wanted to go. If they do we are going to try and switch accommodations to the Nauvoo camp ground, where they have air conditioned bunk houses. Kind of close to camping. The kids are excited about that. We'll see.

Yesterday was Brother's field trip. We went to an IMAX movie. It was a lot of fun. He's very silly with his friends and they are cute and interested in everything.

Last night I watched the last episode of ER (while folding a mountain of laundry), Beloved watched with me (while doing our taxes on the lap top). When the show first came out I LVOED it and watched it every week. When Beloved and I were dating we watched together, he was also a fan. In fact I remember one episode very well. We had been dating a few weeks and I went to a softball game that he was in. When it was over I went home and he went to his house and showered and then came over to watch. It was on at 10pm and the little girls were all asleep(here in TX it's 9pm ~ central time zone). It was during that watching that we had our first kiss. Aaah, the memories :) I watched faithfully for many years, then after a while I stopped. It was about the time that Mark Greene died. I had grown tired of all the drama and death and all the diseases I imagined I might have after seeing their symptoms on TV :) Earlier this week I saw a commercial saying this was the end and I thought I'd go ahead a tune in. They had brought back a lot of original cast members and it was fun to see how they had changed, gotten older. It was fun to "catch up".


Shauna6pack said...

Me too! Except for the first kiss thing...

marcia@joyismygoal said...

We love Nauvoo you will so enjoy it and perfect timing for J for her seminary year next year-- I stayed a faithful watcher cause B always recorsa it for us

Gabriela said...

LOL about the 4 sets of bunk beds-only at a Mormon attraction!

We had our ups and downs with ER too-I saw a picture of Noah Wylie yesterday and I couldn't believe how much older he looks (still not, old, just older than when the show started).

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

We also watched for years. Then life happened. We did catch the last hour last night. When the kids went to bed :) 15 years is a long time for a show. I had forgotten it had gone on so long.

lera said...

We've been to Nauvoo twice. I forget where we stayed though. I think we had to drive a bit to our hotel. (We went before the temple was constructed and then again for the open house.)

Have you been to Palmyra yet?

Yvonne said...

You will just love Nauvoo. When hubby was the YSA bishop we went with the YSA from his ward and it was wonderful. We did a session in the temple together. Such a wonderful experience.

I have been a faithful ER watcher through the years. I can't believe I started watching before we moved here. Seems like so long ago. I think I've enjoyed it because I worked at a teaching hospital and remember watching the interns and residents go through and grow up.