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Saturday, April 18, 2009

one of lifes blessings

I, too, was born of goodly parents.
Lucky is the little girl who is wanted and nurtured and loved by two parents who are wonderful and bright and kind. That is the great blessing that I was given at the beginning of my mortal life. I am very thankful that Heavenly Father sent me to my parents. They are awesome!
I have many wonderful memories of growing up in my family. I was the first of many children and was never lonely. From when I was small I remember walking to the park and playing. I remember "helping my mom" take care of my little brother. I remember bringing home a little grey fuzz ball kitten that we named Heidi. She lived for 18 years and was a great cat. I remember going to the beach and playing with my friend Julie while our parents chatted:)

When I was 5 years old my parents got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Even though I was small I can remember kneeling by the font and watching them and what a happy day that was. I did not know then what an important moment that was for our family and how life changing and life giving that would be. Thanks to their willingness to listen, and obedience to Heavenly Father's commandments my brothers and sisters and I have had the tremendous blessing of growing up in the gospel. Of having family home evening, of reading from the scriptures together, of having the guidance and safety of the commandments to help us find our way through life. We did, and now our children do, and shortly our children's children. My parents were very anxious to share the good news with their families. No one wanted to listen but they didn't give up and I do have one cousin and his sweet wife who joined the church. Now they have the same thing happening in their family as their children have enjoyed those blessings and their children.

One of my favorite things we did growing up was camping at El Capitan State Beach each summer. It was SOOOOO fun. I loved everything about it. I loved walking down to the beach and smelling licorice (some plant had a very distinct black licorice smell~ I don't know what it was but it always reminds me of camping when I smell licorice now). I loved laying on the sand and watching boys walk by. I loved playing in the waves. One particularly memorable time we were out in a little raft and a seal swam up and bumped our raft with his nose. Kind of scary but cool. (and maybe that was at Carpenteria but still so cool :)) I loved walking to the peacock store to buy ice cream. We ran around and had fun for a whole week!!

I also remember well the trip we took to France so dad could do genealogy. We were there for most of a summer and got to meet relatives and watch Kung Fu in French and see where dad grew up. It was awesome. One place we visited we got to stay in a castle, the home of our rich relatives. Their son, Phillip, who I thought was cute, took Alec and I out in the city for a walk. We walked and looked around and came upon a group of dancers that we stopped to watch. They were the Young Ambassadors from BYU! It was so fun to see them and to say hi :) Another home we visited, of some not so rich relatives, had an outdoor WC, which was just a pile of dirt and poo by the house. We went out to relieve ourselves in pairs. One to do the doo and the other to wield a long stick and keep the cows away from the pile. Then we'd switch. Gross but memorable.

Summers and holidays were spent in San Fransisco. Daily trips to Golden Gate park, walks to the beach (many many many blocks away), the shining golden dome of the Russian Orthodox church gleaming in the sun, laying in bed upstairs at night listening to voices drifting upstairs of my grandparents, parents, uncle and friends, playing with MaKaKa, collecting snails, Baba Olya and Baba Katya in the kitchen cooking, sitting by Baba Olya and at the table (she always sat at the kids end), Deda fishing, Marina coming to visit with a treat for the kids, going to San Bruno to have dinner and play with Mitzi and Pom Pom, walking on the rooftops, getting bagels, the smell of the city all these things make up the memories of my youth.

Dad often took me on "dates" to McDonalds. Which we both loved. During the annual Father/ Son outing mom would let sleep in her bed with her and in the evening we would go out with Lana and Sis. D. L and I got to pick. Naugalls hot fudge sundaes and trips to the library were often the pick of choice!

One of my jobs growing up was to clean the kitchen. Many, many times Dad would come and help me and we would talk about life while our hands were submerged in warm soapy water.

I also got to "help" mom sew. I would push the pedal and talk about school, she would do the rest...until I forgot my job and just sat by her to talk.

I remember coming in their room at night after dances or dates to tell about the evening, and kneeling in a circle in family prayer in our living room, and planting a garden, and picking fruit at the welfare farm and laughing at mom and her irrational fear of moths and and and...

Their love and support didn't stop when I was grown. As an adult I have enjoyed sharing my life with them. Having them know my children and have been grateful that they could have a wonderful relationship with them. Seeking refuge in their loving arms when times are hard, getting advice, laughing together, going to the temple together, and many other precious times too many to list.

On my birthday today I am grateful to them for teaching me and loving me and being the best parents in the world!!


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Happy, happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

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What wonderful memories.

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Happy Birthday!! You are so wonderful. I am thankful for your parents!
I hope you had a great day!